‘The Walking Dead’: Season 3 Comic-Con trailer

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Although the third season of The Walking Dead is still an achingly long time away (AMC are premiering it in the US on the 14th October; FX have yet to announce details of the UK transmission), audiences at Comic-Con in San Diego were treated to an extended preview on Friday, with the four-minute trailer being released onto the internet shortly afterwards – and what a bloodstained OMFG of a preview it is.

SPOILER WARNING: Channel 5 viewers are advised to wait until they’ve seen the final episode of Season 2 before watching.

Viewers have already seen Michonne (the hooded figure leading chained zombies around like dogs) and Woodbury Jail at the very end of Season 2; now, we’re treated to a tantalisingly glimpse of the prison’s Governor, played by David Morrissey, lots more armed survivors including two in a helicopter and an increasingly bearded and desperate-looking Rick Grimes trying to keep his disparate band of companions alive. There are also masses of walkers shambling about, lots of shooting and shouting, and even an unexpected reappearance by an old ‘friend’.

By the time the trailer’s finished, if you’re not rabidly excited about the new season and ragingly frustrated at how many months remain before it materialises on our screens, you must be the ghost of Shane. But don’t take our word for it; watch the trailer RIGHT NOW…

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