‘Being Human’: Series 2 DVD review

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The concept of BBC Three’s Being Human is so zeitgeist that it could have been written on the back of a beer mat in the pub behind BBC’s Broadcasting House.

A flat share by two guys who just happen to be a vampire and a werewolf are accompanied by the haunting presence of a female ghost, and so the show throws major elements and themes of Buffy, Twilight and Supernatural together in a melting pot of contemporary British culture. Originally conceived and produced as a one hour pilot (with a nigh-on completely different cast) Being Human managed to iron out all the kinks that the pilot threw up to create a truly engaging first series last year.

George (the werewolf) and Mitchell (the vampire) cohabit with a grudging enmity which stems from vampires hating werewolves so much – the latter are looked upon as naturally inferior, yet a vampire is no match for such a lycanthrope when they undergo their one night per month transformation. Annie the ghost meanwhile is agoraphobic and still troubled by the circumstances that have created her limbo-like existence. The lore of Being Human is entirely self-created and is slightly twee in its rendering: Annie is only visible to other supernatural creatures and ghosts appear in the clothes they were wearing when they died.

The location of Bristol is quite refreshing, though the series will shift to Cardiff for Series 3, to mirror the new heartland of BBC entertainment. Whilst it comes as no surprise that the supernatural elements were tacked on following the original suggestion that Mitchell was a sex addict, George had anger-management problems and Annie was an agoraphobe, the entertaining plot strands weave through this second series to an even more successful extent than the first. Fingers crossed the suggestion that the Yanks are going to remake it won’t render further series toothless.

Released on DVD and Blu-ray on 12th April 2010 by 2entertain.