‘Bedlam’: Episode 2 review

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Having dealt with the dodgy plumbing last episode, hunky clairvoyant Jed (Theo James) now focuses on the building’s car park, where spooky antics surrounding new Bedlam Heights tenant Leah (EastEnders and Strictly Come Dancing star Kara Tointon) could mean danger for everyone, whether they have a permit or not.

Running from her troubled past relationship, Leah is initially helped by Molly (Ashley Madekwe), but when Jed and Ryan dig deeper into her life the truth reveals something far darker.

Meanwhile, tough landlady Kate’s bad dreams continue as she claws her way along corridors and shouts at the air. The mystery surrounding the disappearance of Molly’s friend Zoe also gathers pace, although Kate’s father and building owner Warren refuses to investigate further. Finally, there is some serious signposting for the series’ remaining four episodes, with it becoming increasingly clear that Warren is a wrong ‘un, highlighted by the always reliable Hugo Speer giving yet another sinister turn after his murderous appearance in last year’s Skins.

Whilst undoubtedly a prime candidate for ‘sick building syndrome’, Bedlam as a show continues from last week’s strong opening episode with some solid writing and superior pacing. It’s a pleasant change for a supernatural show not to rely heavily on special effects for its shocks, and by and large the mood stays just on the right side of not being comical.

A special mention should also go to Pop Idol winner Will Young, whose understated characterisation of Ryan doesn’t distract from the overall nature of the show, allaying our initial fears of stunt casting. Despite not one but two ex-‘Enders this week (the other being a brief turn by Sean Maguire as a love interest for Kate), Bedlam so far hasn’t got too bogged down in guest star cameos, but it would be nice to see more unknown actors getting a look in further down the line.

Airs at 10pm on Monday 14th February 2011 on Sky Living.