‘The Durrells’ Episode 4 review: ITV’s new family drama continues to charm

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We’re over halfway through the six-part first season and ITV’s The Durrells feels like it’s been part of Sunday nights forever.

Such is the quality of the production and Simon Nye’s writing that this series continues to charm and make this reviewer grin very broadly!

Leslie continues to spiral out of control this week as the rift with his family threatens to send him down a criminal path. After growing frustrated with his family, including a particularly amusing scene where Leslie traps Larry in the lavatory, Leslie decides to find somewhere else to stay.

Unfortunately Leslie seeks solace with Sotos and Fotis whose influence pushes him into armed robbery. As he realises his new friends were just using him, Leslie returns home and emotionally reconciles with his mother.

After ending up on trial accused of killing turkeys Leslie relies on the impassioned defence of Lugaretzia, who earlier proclaimed him ‘best son’, and Larry’s questionable attempt to spare him from a jail sentence. A distraught Louisa visits Sotos and Fotis in jail and tries to persuade them to help her son. Although the case against Leslie is dismissed, the judge issues him a stern warning.


Margo starts her new job as companion to the Countess, a role that primarily involves reading out loud. Whilst on the estate Margo falls for the Countess’ cute gardener, Angel.

However, she finds her position in jeopardy when Dennis catches her trying on some of the Countess’ clothes without permission and desperately pleads for his silence. When Dennis informs the Countess of Margo’s theft she decides to play a trick at Margo’s expense before giving her the dress as a present.

There’s an unexpected reunion for Louisa when Captain Creech returns claiming to have given up the booze and seeking her forgiveness for his earlier behaviour. ‘Didn’t he get drunk here and you nearly shot him?’ ‘Yes.’ Against her better judgement Louisa agrees to accompany Captain Creech on his “yacht” and borrows a fetching dress from the Countess’ collection.


Sadly, Louisa is sorely disappointed when Creech’s yacht turns out to be little more than a dingy dinghy and Creech himself more than a little drunk. The disastrous outing reaches its peak when Louisa accidentally knocks Creech overboard. Amongst the more serious issues at stake this week it’s a moment of slapstick hilarity for the show.

Elsewhere, Gerry’s obsession with wildlife reaches a new level when he insists on a Greek Orthodox funeral for his bat. Later Louisa sees Gerry and Theo totally engrossed as they study creatures together and she realises the extent of her son’s affection for all animals.

Meanwhile Larry tries to get his novel published and faces the humiliation of reading to Dennis in order to borrow books from the Countess’ library whilst Louisa finally kisses Sven.


Aired at 8pm on Sunday 24 April 2016 on ITV.

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