‘Titanic’: Episode 4 spoiler-free review

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So here we are; the final throws of a dying giant twist and turn, but regretfully to no avail.

The climax of ITV1’s four-part Titanic does have glimpses of real sentiment; moments amongst the Maloney family truly sting, as does John Batley’s devotion to his wife in the final moments. However, these moments develop because the very force of the catastrophe – indeed the very contact with the water – demands more of the actors.

They barely need to act whilst struggling in the water; thus finally the series, by virtue of its story, develops some reality. Once in the water, the characters are on even ground with their audience, experiencing something to which we can all relate to some degree.

There is no more time for secrets that don’t really interest us to be divulged and gone are the ludicrous character associations. All that remains to portray are the gratuitous, tragic deaths. Hundreds of them.

By its very nature this is extremely upsetting and as a result this episode is poignant, and in general more sincere. The people on deck and off have only one thing to react against now; their own mortality.

Even a quietly genuine end cannot save this series. It seems likely that Downton Abbey creator Julian Fellowes was rushed in writing it – no doubt bound by the anniversary of the event itself – and as a result the outcome simply does not do justice to the magnitude of history.

The event was terrible, epic, and tragic. It requires a suitably colossal medium to encompass it; if indeed that is possible. Whilst Cameron’s epic movie came close, this TV mini-series just hasn’t cut it.

Airs at 9pm on Sunday 15th April 2012 on ITV1.

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