Guide to the 2017 Doctor Who Short Trips Rarities

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Big Finish has released five more titles in its Doctor Who Short Trips Rarities range. These are all stories, read by various actors and featuring a range of Doctors and companions. They were previously available as subscriber bonusses, and are now on sale to fans who, perhaps, weren’t subscribers to the main Doctor Who range when they first appeared.

To help you choose which ones to buy, CultBox presents this quick guide.

The Switching by Simon Guerrier, is a third Doctor & Master story read by Duncan Wisbey. It’s set in the time when the Master was a UNIT prisoner, and today he escapes. Apart from the great storytelling, it works in the way it gives the listener into the character of the Master, and in a curious way makes him seem unexpectedly human.

Waiting for Gadot by John Dorney, is a fourth Doctor story read by Hugh Ross. If you aren’t aware of John Dorney’s skills as a writer, this is a great introduction. It’s tongue-in-cheek and clever, and even gets the prize for the cleverest title.

Intuition by Rob Nisbet was read by Stephen Critchlow (who has read most of the recent subscriber Short Trips) and gives us the sixth Doctor and Mel in the Swiss mountains. It’s a fascinating story, and even if it sidelines Mel to allow the Doctor to follow a trail of clues, that starts with hotel waiters who always seem to know what you’re about to order before you do.

Twilight’s End (pictured) by Mark Wright and Cavan Scott is a seventh Doctor story read by Beth Chalmers and providing a postscript to their main range Twilight Stories. Of all the range, this is the one story that really needs the listener to have heard the other titles (in this case Project: Twilight, Project: Lazarus and Project: Destiny. The good news is that if you have heard those, this is a great coda to the story of Nimrod, and Beth Chalmers narrates superbly.

The Young Lions is an eighth Doctor and Lucie Miller story by Alice Cavendar, read by Stephen Critchlow. There’s a mystery under Little Morton and the local military barracks and it needs the Doctor to save the day. Alice wrote Lucie’s character perfectly, and if you’ve heard Sheridan Smith’s return to Big Finish in Alice’s Curse of the Fugue, you already know who well she writes for Lucie.

Each title is available download only for a bargain £2.25, or you can get all five for £10. Check out the Big Finish site for details.