Disney’s ‘Planes’ movie review

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From reading the synopsis, and given the fact that this is a Disney family picture, one can already hazard a guess at the outcome of this film. This is no major disservice to the movie though, which is actually decent child- fodder. While Planes is ‘from above the world of Cars’, the style of animation is its only connection to the Owen Wilson-starrer.

Disney will urge you to see Planes in 3D, but this isn’t necessary. The breathtaking attention to detail in global landscapes – which covers countries as far flung as Iceland, Mexico and India – can be appreciated without the clunky glasses and higher ticket price.

Thought, time and care has gone into this movie to make sure it doesn’t come over as an unoriginal money-grabbing project perfectly timed for the summer holidays. However, despite the rich animation and entertaining flight sequences, this is exactly what Planes is. The characters are two-dimensional with no real story-arc and emotional sub-plots feel shoe-horned in to ensure the film runs for more than an hour.

Dane Cook, while not an obvious casting choice, plays the role of the plucky hero well, and Priyanka Chopra is a nice addition as the enigmatic Ishani; but their romance is unfulfilling and takes a back seat to all the action. But hey, arguably it should – kids won’t be too interested in two planes in a relationship.

Meanwhile, John Cleese and Carlos Alazraqui as Bulldog and El Chupacabra respectively provide decent, if a little unnecessary, comic relief. And what is the point of putting Cedric The Entertainer – of Barbershop and A Haunted House fame – in anything, ever?

Ankle-biters and fans of Cars and Cars 2 will enjoy Planes’ escapism, amusing characters, and vertiginous flight scenes. Everyone else should only check out Planes as a boredom buster if all screenings everywhere for The Lone Ranger are sold out.

Released in UK cinemas on Friday 16 August 2013.

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