Scarifyers – Cold Call audio review

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Bafflegab has treated fans of the Scarifyers series by releasing a new episode, the 11th, titled ‘Cold Call. Terry Molloy is back as Dunning, locked in his rooms at university, trapped until he can be rescued. His only contact with the outside world is the telephone, his only company Digby the dog and Mr Wilson (a cricket ball with a face drawn in biro – think Tom Hanks in Castaway).

The first Scarifyers release since the excellent Gnomes of Death, this story is free to listeners as something to keep them amused during lockdown, and amuse it does!


Dunning is locked away for reasons not explained at first – all we know is there are strange calls and banging sounds. Dunning is waiting for Harry Crow to rescue him, but where is Harry? Meanwhile a series of calls serves only to make Dunning more distraught. He even finds the prospect of a new book on 18th century grammar loses its appeal. After a few days he even runs out of port. As Dunning suffers from lack of sleep and growing terror, he begins to think even Mr Wilson has it in for him. He tries to contact Mr Crowley (David Benson) and again we wonder just what is going on. All we know is Dunning needs help from someone with expertise in the supernatural. He doesn’t need abuse from Mr Wilson.

Even Digby struggles with confinement. Is Dunning after his food? Just what is Mr Wilson up to? Lots of mysteries!

When we do find out just why Dunning is locked away the reveal brings a smile and the solution is neat and very much in line with the series. We also have the hint of more stories to come – what better news could there be than more Scarifyers?

As good as ever

‘Cold Call’ was created as a labour of love at short notice by the Bafflegab team but is as strong as ever. Simon Barnard and Paul Morris take writing credits, with Terry Molloy, David Benson and Lisa Bowerman in various roles. The writing is tight, Terry Molloy is in great form and it’s a welcome (and overdue) return for the Scarifyers.

It’s available now for free from the Bafflegab site. If you’ve never heard this range before, now’s the time to treat yourself.