‘Being Human’: Series 1 episode guide

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Russell Tovey, Lenora Crichlow and Aidan Turner star as housemates trying to live normal lives despite very unusual afflictions in Being Human, a new six-part drama on BBC Three.

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On first appearances, things seem to be positive and “normal” for the three friends. Ghost Annie is buoyed by the fact that she is finally starting to be seen by ordinary people, rather than just by her housemates.

In an attempt to escape the guilt and self-loathing for his previous killings, vampire Mitchell has sworn off blood, determined to kick the habit. Even the neurotic and anxious George is in relatively good spirits, putting his monthly transformation into a rampaging werewolf to the back of his mind to focus on life in the new house-share. But it’s not long before their supernatural conditions catch up with them.


Episode 1
Sunday 25th January 2009

The vampire world won’t leave Mitchell alone: he’s harassed by leader Herrick and his side-kick, Seth. They ominously warn him that he cannot deny what he is, and should turn his back on humanity to return to the vampire fold.

George considers the house a sanctuary from his condition but promptly tears it apart when he is reluctantly forced to transform into a werewolf at the full moon.

Annie, meanwhile, is heartbroken when their landlord, her fiancé Owen, pays a visit and reminds her of everything that she has lost. After tricking Owen to come back to the house, Annie discovers that he’s got a new girlfriend, ending any hope of her ever being with the love of her life again.

Elsewhere, Mitchell is finding it very hard to stay on the wagon. He arranges a date with a nurse, Becca, and it seems that pretty soon he’ll be feeding again. George discovers where Mitchell is and races to save Becca – but will he get there in time?


Episode 2
Sunday 1st February 2009

George is shocked when he meets another werewolf, a rough-and-ready rogue called Tully. Tully is the opposite of George – he’s content with his condition and wants to teach George how to enjoy being a werewolf – but this is the last thing that George wants. He doesn’t want to accept what he is and his attitude towards Tully is one of thinly veiled disgust.

It’s not long, however, before Tully works his way into the house that George shares with Mitchell and Annie. He is invited to stay by Mitchell as part of his concerted efforts to embrace the world and, thus, be more human. Tully charms Mitchell and Annie but soon becomes the housemate from hell – eating all the food, stinking out the bathroom and flirting with the only female in the house.

Tully also seems to be thawing George, and wants to teach him how to embrace his inner-werewolf. He also offers George advice on how to treat the ladies – which George takes on board in order to try to get a date with Nina, the feisty nurse he fancies.

Meanwhile, Mitchell continues his battle to stay on the wagon – and it seems like it’s going well. He resists Lauren’s advances and those of a pretty girl at a party, but his vampire appetite can never be entirely suppressed – particularly when Lauren seems determined to tempt him.


Episode 3
Sunday 8th February 2009

Annie meets ghost Gilbert, a ghoulish Smiths fan who died in the mid-Eighties. He loves being stuck in the past and relishes the bleakness of being a ghost. Through Gilbert, Annie learns that she is stuck in limbo because there is something unresolved about her death.

Meanwhile, Sparky nurse Nina is clearly interested in being more than friends with George, but he resists her at every turn. He doesn’t believe that he should ever get involved in a relationship because of his uncontrollable secret. But as the full moon approaches, and George’s animalistic tendencies take hold, he becomes more impulsive – and lusty. Against his better judgment, George ends up giving Nina the night of her life.

Lauren tries to work her way back into Mitchell’s life. Mitchell initially resists her, determined to stay on the side of humanity, but when Lauren reveals a vulnerable side, and shows that she, too, feels guilty about her vampire lifestyle, it seems like he might relent…


Episode 4
Sunday 15th February 2009

Mitchell’s attempt to embrace humanity becomes more intense than ever when he befriends a 12-year-old boy, Bernie, and his divorced mum, Fleur. Mitchell and Bernie develop a friendship which reminds Mitchell of his own, pre-vampire, childhood and helps him to stay “on the wagon”. But things turn sour when Bernie is shocked to catch a glimpse of Mitchell’s vampire existence.

Fleur is horrified and thinks that Mitchell is some sort of monster trying to lead her son astray. It’s not long before word gets round the neighbourhood, threatening to ruin the housemates’ desire for normality and acceptance. George realises that if he is to have any real future with the feisty Nina then he must tell her the truth. As he deliberates, Nina becomes more confused, especially when she hears rumours about Mitchell.

Annie, meanwhile, is traumatised following her shocking revelation about Owen. Mitchell and George do everything they can to try to lift her spirits but to no avail. Her despair turns to anger when she learns Owen will be visiting the house to try to sort out growing problems with the neighbours. Through her emotional rage, Annie discovers some powerful and uncontrollable skills. When confronted with Owen, her fury develops into a lust for revenge.


Episode 5
Sunday 22nd February 2009

Mitchell is traumatised by the way his friendship with Bernie ended, which has pushed him back towards the vampire fold. Herrick tells Mitchell that the vampires are starting a mass conversion and that they will only feed from people who want to be vampires. But the truth is much darker and more disturbing than Mitchell could have ever dreamed. He has to escape and his only hope is his friends George and Annie – but can they overcome their personal fears in order to save their friend?

Annie, meanwhile, decides that she must avenge Owen and enlists George’s help, but her self-confidence is at an all-time low and Owen still has a firm hold on her emotions, even in death. Annie needs to find the strength to battle her inner demons, a strength which ends up being drawn from the most terrifying of events.

Meanwhile, Nina is becoming ever-more suspicious of George’s behaviour. George knows that if this relationship is to work then he cannot hide his true nature for ever…


Episode 6
Sunday 1st March 2009

Vampire Mitchell is in hospital following the almost-fatal attack on him, as BBC Three’s drama about a vampire, a werewolf and a ghost reaches a thrilling conclusion. Once recovered, and believing it to be his destiny, Mitchell becomes determined to fight Herrick, no matter what it takes. Meanwhile, Annie chooses to try to save Mitchell, having rejected the opportunity to “pass over”. The decision seems to give her newfound powers.

Mitchell does not want his best friends involved in the inevitable showdown with Herrick and the vampires, but Annie bravely decides that she cannot just stand by without doing anything.

George, meanwhile, is facing a huge dilemma of his own: should he try to help Mitchell or should he flee and try to start a normal life with Nina? He has to choose between his friend and his lover. The lure of a normal human life is so strong, but George also knows that this may be the one time in his life Mitchell needs him not be a coward – to stand up and be counted. As this series of Being Human comes to an end, the three friends face the toughest decisions they have ever faced as they stand on the brink of their destinies.