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Created by a team of writers led by Tony Jordan (Life on Mars, Hustle), the six-part series stars Warren Brown (Luther), Shelley Conn (Mistresses), Andrew-Lee Potts (Primeval), Gina McKee (The Borgias) and Elliot Knight (Sinbad).


Episode 1
Sunday 22 September 2013, 9pm

The team, led by Jack Quinn, are brought on board by their mysterious handler Helen Barlow when infamously crooked businessman Nicholas Mason, is acquitted of robbery and the murder of an innocent man, due to lack of evidence.

Although Mason never gets his hands dirty, Helen knows that he is behind the crime – and countless others. Jack is determined to bring the elusive criminal to justice with the help of his team, sassy Jessica Jones and tech genius Thomas Tomkins.

However, their job is made even more difficult when it’s revealed that a police officer appears to be feeding Mason information. Will the team be able to find Mason’s weakness and catch him red-handed? And will they be able to uncover which officer has been playing for both teams?


Episode 2
Sunday 29 September 2013, 9pm

When a young girl’s body is found in the car boot of well-respected Judge Peter Hopkins, the evidence for the girl’s murder all seems to point to him.

However, given Peter’s impeccable reputation, Helen is instantly suspicious, calling the team in to investigate. Helen believes that Peter has been framed by ex-policeman Joe Tyrus, who holds a personal vendetta against him. A smart man, with knowledge of the law, Joe has created the ‘perfect’ murder and manipulated the system in order to send Peter down for good.

Throwing themselves into the case, the team witnesses the full impact of Tyrus’ monstrous crime when Jess steps in to investigate as a victim support representative. Seeing the destructive effect the girl’s murder has had on her family, the gang are spurred on to achieve justice. Will they be able to get Joe to reveal the truth and prove Peter’s innocence?


Episode 3
Sunday 6 October 2013, 9pm

When a building has been deliberately burnt to the ground, killing 18 people, and the guilty culprit cannot be touched, Jack Quinn and his shadowy team of crime fighters are brought in to bring him down.

Despite all those interviewed naming ruthless property developer Philip Granger as the brains behind the job, the police are unable to intervene as he takes refuge in the Colombian Embassy. With the embassy not officially on UK soil and security ramped up to maximum, no one can touch Philip while he is hiding out there. With the Colombian ambassador an old school friend, a political approach is also useless and it seems Granger is going nowhere.

While Jack, Jessica and Tom Tom set up opps undercover as pest control in the home of doddery old lady Celia in order to monitor Granger’s activity, Charlie infiltrates the embassy and works on wooing the ambassador’s beautiful daughter. However, Celia is sharper than she seems and Jack’s undercover surveillance is soon under threat, as is Charlie if he can’t keep his feelings in check and stop his emotions clouding his judgement.

With their window of opportunity quickly closing and the pressure on, will the team be able to turn Philip over to the police without breaking any political boundaries and causing an international backlash?


Episode 4
Sunday 13 October 2013, 9pm

Former Bank Finance Director Sally Walker and her retired MP husband, Lawrence Walker, have been cleared of stealing three million pounds from their children’s charity fund. Helen is convinced the Walkers have taken the money for themselves, and after witnessing two good police officers unjustly sacked for pursuing the matter, she calls Jack and the team in to intervene.

Tom Tom embarks on the timely task of scouring cyberspace to uncover where and how the Walkers have hidden the money. With endless trails to track, the rest of the team hatches a back-up plan, bugging the couple’s house in an attempt to get their hands on a recorded confession.

Meanwhile, persistent journalist Hollie Goodridge is also investigating the case. Emotionally attached to the children benefitting from the charity, she will stop at nothing to prove the Walkers’ guilt. However, when she publicly humiliates the couple, she inadvertently puts the team’s operation in great danger.

The team are forced to take drastic action and kidnap Lawrence Walker, demanding a ransom from his wife in order to find where she’s hidden the money. However if she doesn’t crack and hand over the money, the team will be caught carrying out a major criminal offence and face serious repercussions…


Episode 5
Sunday 20 October 2013, 9pm

The team of covert crime fighters delves into a high-risk world of drugs and thugs. During an organised drug deal, underhand criminal Ahmed Demir shoots and kills innocent onlooker Arthur Rose. However, rather than being charged with murder, Ahmed is given the option by MI5 chief Charles Napier of informing on his terrorist connections in exchange for his freedom. With Helen concerned that this enables Ahmed to evade justice for Arthur Rose’s murder, she calls in Jack and the team.

Under strict protection, Ahmed is not only untouchable, but untraceable too. To help track him down, Jess goes undercover as a single Mum to get information from Ahmed’s solicitor and with the aid of a little helper, she manages to trace him. With their target located, the team begins to hatch a plan to catch Ahmed unawares.

After discovering that old friend and fellow criminal Mehmet Aybar was betrayed by Ahmed and holds a grudge, the team decides to use him as a threat. The only catch is, in order to use Mehmet, the team must break him out from prison, but with 55 prison officers and 37 locks and gates in their way, it is a tough ask. With the stakes so high, will the team be able to use Mehmet to intimidate Ahmed into giving a confession?


Episode 6
Sunday 27 October 2013, 9pm

When gangland thug Jamie Caine brutally murders a young boy in broad daylight, he is jailed on the testament of key witness, Simon. However, when Simon suspiciously withdraws his statement, Caine is allowed to walk free. Outraged, Helen acts against direct orders and calls in Jack and his team.

Former cage fighter and Caine’s wing man, Paul Bates, has organised a major drug deal for Caine while he’s been in custody. The drug, known as ‘2C-9’ is a hallucinogen that Caine and Bates have been marketing to children. Now free, Caine is just waiting for the ‘go ahead’ to make the multi-million-pound deal and the team know this is their only chance to nail him red-handed.

The only conceivable ‘in’ is with Caine’s vulnerable and much younger girlfriend, Robin, persuading her to be their informant. However, with Robin being an old friend of Charlie’s, the case is becoming a little too personal than the team would like.

As Charlie’s concerns grow, Robin is soon compromised and it becomes clear that Caine is fully aware of her betrayal. As he tries to rescue her, Charlie soon loses all contact with the team and they start to fear the worst. With the drug shipment imminent, Jack and the team must hijack the deal and hang Caine out to dry, but Charlie’s life is on the line…


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