‘Case Histories’: Series 2 episode guide

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Episode 1
Sunday 19 May 2013, 8.30pm

Back in Edinburgh after a child-snatching job in Munich, Jackson struggles with guilt about whether he returned the child to the right parent or if he was duped.

A new case comes calling when Hope McMaster, a woman searching for her birth parents, approaches Jackson for help. His search takes him into the dark heart of 1979 police corruption and murder – and a secret that has remained buried for nearly 35 years.

The investigation crosses paths with Tracy Waterhouse, a retired police officer turned store detective. When Tracy witnesses a little girl being physically abused by her mother, she takes a surprising course of action which stirs the past for her and former police partner Barry, and presents a moral dilemma for Jackson. He must decide whether he is brave enough to risk another mistake by doing what he feels is right, or walk away.

Motivated by his desire to help those in need and a need to atone for his recent mistake, Jackson’s investigation sees the past and the present collide dramatically with the old retired cops, Len Lomax and Ray Strickland, refusing to go down without the fight of their lives.

Meanwhile, Jackson continues to avoid speaking to a newly engaged Louise after admitting his true feelings for her. And when his daughter, Marlee, makes a shock announcement, non-committal Jackson is taken aback.


Episode 2
Sunday 26 May 2013, 8.30pm

A woman is convinced her daughter’s riding accident was murder and, through his investigation, Jackson Brodie must confront some difficult truths of his own.

Jackson and Louise struggle to re-establish their relationship as friends in the wake of her recent marriage to Patrick. Meanwhile, Jackson’s homelife is no less complicated as daughter Marlee moves in – on a trial basis. Distracted by his complex personal life, Jackson’s business is suffering and Deborah turns to honey-trapping to bring in some much-needed revenue – much to Jackson’s disapproval.

When new client Rachel asks Jackson to find out if her fiancée Andy is cheating on her, Jackson gets more than he bargained for and soon finds himself investigating a cold-case murder. Following Andy, Jackson spies him meeting with an older woman who turns out to be Miriam, the mother of Andy’s dead first wife, Isobel. Miriam tells Jackson she doubts her daughter’s fall off a horse five years ago was an accident, believing Andy may have had something to do with it.

Initially wary, Jackson is persuaded to investigate further. But to find out what happened, he must confront some difficult truths about the destructive nature of love and the extraordinary lengths to which people go to protect what’s theirs.

Elsewhere, Jackson visits bookmaker client Ian MacKie about an unpaid bill – much to his wife Mary’s disapproval. Later, a trip to the races brings a surprise gambling win for Jackson and ignites a new romance with museum assets manager Charlotte McGraw. But Jackson’s good fortune is short-lived when a client is found dead and he quickly falls under suspicion.


Episode 3
Sunday 2 June 2013, 8.30pm

Jackson Brodie helps a teenage boy who has grown up in the shadow of his murdered mother to understand how she really died. Meanwhile, he wrestles with his own dilemma as a past case threatens his future.

Aiden Kelso wants to find out what really happened to his mother, Isla, who was murdered 15 years ago when he was just three years old. A deathbed confession by the serial killer convicted of murdering Isla causes Aiden to doubt the circumstances of his mother’s death and he calls on Jackson to uncover the truth. But Jackson’s suspicions are roused after a frank conversation with Aiden’s father, Ian, who has altered history to protect his son.

Jackson is compromised when Minyawi calls in an old debt. Against his will, Jackson once again finds himself dealing with a man he doesn’t trust. And when Jackson is called to help Minyawi’s desperate daughter Samira, his actions see him cross a line which jeopardizes his future.

A blast from the past appears when Julia arrives back in town with a surprise for Jackson – she’s pregnant. Although she tells him he’s not the father, an unsettled Jackson is unconvinced.

Absorbed in his new relationship with Charlotte, Jackson has let things slide at work which irks Deborah enough to quit. But his new-found love affair is about to take a surprising turn. Jackson and Louise appear to be getting their relationship back on track as friends. However, love and work create conflicts for the pair which prove too difficult to overcome.


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