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Created and written by Ashley Pharoah and Matthew Graham (Life on Mars, Ashes to Ashes), ITV1’s Eternal Law is set in the beautiful city of York and focuses on the two central characters, Zak and Tom, who are lawyers with a twist – they are angels placed on earth to do good.

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Episode 1
Thursday 5th January 2012, 9pm

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Zak and Tom arrive on earth, they are angels with a mission – to put things right and help the community. They do this in the guise of lawyers, making sure justice is done.

Tom is young, naive and enthusiastic as he’s never been on this planet before, but Zak is older and more cynical having visited numerous times over billions of years. Mr Mountjoy ‘God’ expects certain things from his angels, one of them being commitment to their task and any relationship with a human which could interfere with this is strictly forbidden.

It seems a cruel coincidence that the first woman Zak lays eyes on is Hannah, the woman he couldn’t help but fall in love with last time he was on earth. Mr Mountjoy tore them apart and now it seems Zak’s commitment is being tested.

Zak and Tom arrive in York and are greeted at their new home, The Belfry, by Mrs Sheringham. Her role is to assist the angels and keep them in check. The three of them head out to the market and Zak spots Hannah again. Now he refuses to believe this is a coincidence – he’s being tried.

Zak’s attention is diverted from Hannah when suddenly there is a shooting. The victim is a groom, David, on his wedding day, and his wife, Lucy, is distraught. Seconds later another bullet is fired, this time Hannah is shot and Zak rushes to her aid. As Hannah, close to death, looks into his eyes there is a hint of recognition. Midway through the commotion, Sean, who had previously been standing watching the wedding, is found up on a rooftop with a gun. Zak and Tom know this will be their first case and Tom is looking forward to sending Sean down. However, Tom is alarmed when Mrs Sheringham informs him that he and Zak are to be defence counsel for Sean.

Later on, Zak goes to visit Hannah in hospital and asks what she was doing in York. She tells him she was on her way to an interview to be a junior tenant at Jerusalem Chambers, which is where Zak works. Knowing he can’t be around her, Zak lies that the position has been filled, leaving Hannah devastated and, unbeknownst to her, Zak even sorrier.

Back at The Belfry, Mrs Sheringham, Zak and Tom research the case and discover Sean is a single father who was released from prison a week ago after a two year prison sentence – he caused death by dangerous driving. At the time of the incident his partner was Lucy, today’s bride, and she was ultimately responsible for putting him behind bars, as she gave evidence stating he was drunk behind the wheel. Was the shot aimed at Lucy? Or was David the planned target?

Zak and Tom go for a drink and meet Zak’s nemesis, Richard, who will be prosecuting the council. Richard is a bad angel on the opposing team in every way. Tom is horrified by the evil Richard possesses. The following day the court case commences, but will good win over bad…?

Episode 2
Thursday 12th January 2012, 9pm

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Zak and Tom are approached in court by six-year-old Hal Fenwright who asks them to help his dad. His parents are fighting for custody and Dave Fenwright is distraught at the prospect of losing his son.

Dave is separated from wife Jenny. The couple discovered they couldn’t have children and adopted Hal, but Jenny struggled to cope, had a breakdown and left the family home. Now that Jenny is recovered she’s back to claim custody of Hal and wants to fight to the bitter end.

Unable to say no to Hal, Zak takes on the case. He and Tom arrive at court eager for action but trouble begins when Zak discovers Jenny Fenwright is being represented by Hannah, who is now working for Richard at Pembroke Chambers. Zak freezes, he hoped Hannah had left York, but now she’s working for his enemy. Richard is delighted by Zak’s reaction and takes pleasure in telling Zak he can no more resist Hannah than a moth a flame.

Later Mrs Sheringham warns Zak to get a grip; they need to win this case. Zak tells Tom to research character witnesses, and Tom goes in search of Anna Atkinson, the woman who granted Hal’s adoption to Dave and Jenny years earlier.

As court looms, Hannah tries to get Jenny and Dave to talk reasonably. But the exchange becomes hostile and Jenny and Dave have to be restrained. Hannah is puzzled and intrigued by Zak’s unorthodox methods of dealing with clients.

Later, when Dave is busy cooking Hal accidentally burns himself on the iron in the next room. Dave rushes Hal to hospital and his relieved to learn the burn isn’t serious. In the court hearing the calculating and devious Richard, advises the judge that Hal is taken into foster care for the remainder of the trial because of his injury.

Meanwhile, Mrs Sheringham accompanies Tom to visit Anna Atkinson. She tells Anna that Hal needs her help. However, Anna becomes upset and refuses to help. She retired from the adoption agency because she was overwhelmed by other people’s misery.

As Zak starts to feel defeated, Hal reminds him that he promised to help. Zak asks him why his dad cried when his mum left and Hal reveals, “because he loves her.” In sudden desperation Zak asks the judge for an adjournment saying Hannah requested it. Hannah’s furious but Zak tries to reason with her that it’s love, not hate that’s the answer to this case. Zak must find a way to appeal to Jenny and Dave in a bid to keep the family together. But with the case almost at a close and Richard keen for him to fail, will Zak manage it in time?

Meanwhile, Zak finds it hard in the presence of Hannah and admits to Mrs Sheringham he thinks he has to be with her, no matter the costs. And an unexpected delivery arrives at the Belfry from Mr Mountjoy. On closer inspection Zak, Mrs Sheringham and Tom discover the strange green box is the doomsday clock from the Cuban Missile Crisis that once sat in the Kremlin and ticked down to Armageddon. By why would Mr Mountjoy have sent it to them?

Episode 3
Thursday 19th January 2012, 9pm

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Angelic lawyers Zak and Tom are called to defend Mack Steen, an 82-year-old belligerent pensioner accused of poisoning the owner of his care home. When Keith Cedric announced he was closing the home, ‘The Douglas’, frustrated resident Mack poured his Warfarin into Cedric’s food. Cedric survived but now wants to charge his former resident with ABH.

Zak and Tom find themselves taking their work home with them, literally, as with no surviving family and having assaulted the arresting police officer, Mack’s conditions of bail mean he can’t return to The Douglas. With no-where else to go Mack moves into the Belfry with Zak, Tom and Mrs Sheringham.

On the opposition is Richard, as prosecuting counsel, and he persuades Cedric to inflate the charge against Mack to Attempted Murder. Hannah, who is working alongside Richard, feels this is a bit harsh but it is clear evil Richard has no conscience. Zak is livid when he finds out and he’s more determined than ever to keep Mack out of prison and to do whatever necessary to get to the bottom of Mack’s motivation.

Zak and Tom head over to The Douglas and speak to the other residents. It’s clear they miss their friend Mack. One resident, Joe, seems particularly distraught about Mack’s absence – Joe has cleaned Mack’s shoes for him, as always, despite the fact he isn’t there. The residents tell Zak that Cedric seems to have a grudge against Mack and tries to keep Joe and Mack apart. It transpires that The Douglas was Cedric’s childhood home and that Joe, Mack and Cedric have all known each other for years – but Zak and Tom must find out how these things are connected in order to win the case, and get to the bottom of why Mr Mountjoy has sent this task…

Meanwhile, Zak continues to be tormented by his feelings for Hannah. To make matters worse Hannah is convinced she’s met Zak before. The chemistry between them is clear, but can Zak resist the love of his life?

Tom also learns about the power of attraction when he gets close to a young girl Jude. He’s excited when he spends a night on the town with people his own age, particularly as he manages to impress his friends with his dance moves. However, Mrs Sheringham makes her disapproval clear.

Tom is reminded of the sacrifice angels make for love when he accidently sees Mrs Sheringham’s naked back. He’s shocked to see the scars where her wings were cut off. Mrs Sheringham tells Tom she doesn’t regret giving up her wings for a second – it was worth it for the short time she experienced true love.

Episode 4
Thursday 26th January 2012, 9pm

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Zak and Tom are assigned to prosecute Gemma Manes, a woman accused of stabbing an intruder, Mark Yalling, who was allegedly stalking her. The community fully support Gemma – she’s a mother grieving for her teenage son who was recently shot dead – she’s vulnerable and lonely.

Tom finds himself feeling extremely uncomfortable as all the evidence suggests Yalling had been stalking Gemma. The fact knickers were found in Yalling’s pocket also suggest Gemma was at risk of a sexual attack. As prosecution Zak and Tom suffer great criticism, but Zak reminds Tom that Mr Mountjoy gave them Gemma to prosecute, so that’s what the must do.

Tom can’t help but offer Gemma sympathy and he’s more concerned than ever when she tells him that if she’s found guilty she’ll kill herself. Zak realises this is too much for Tom and takes him off the case. It is clear Tom is beginning to question his faith in Mr Mountjoy and Richard takes great delight in this, hoping to confuse him further.

Over in court, Zak asks Gemma why she didn’t call the police when she believed she had a stalker. Her door was also unlocked the night the intruder came into her home. What is she hiding? With Tom still desperately looking for further evidence and Zak determined to prosecute, will they get to them bottom of what Mr Mountjoy wants from them?

Meanwhile, Hannah is stunned when Zak knows that it’s her birthday. She hasn’t told him and never tells anyone. Will she realise Zak is the man from her past that broke her heart? Elsewhere, Tom shares a kiss with Jude. Mrs Sheringham is worried by their growing relationship and forces Jude to move away, leaving Tom furious.

Episode 5
Thursday 2nd February 2012, 9pm

Tom is enjoying the tranquillity of the countryside when suddenly there are a number of explosions around him. He hears a scream and when he goes to investigate he finds Laura, a young soldier with a knife lodged into her thigh.

Zak receives a call and heads to the army barracks to meet Tom who is with Laura. Laura tells Tom she always wanted to be a solider, she’s devastated that she won’t be well enough to go to Afghanistan. Despite Laura’s expression of disappointment, it’s believed this is a façade and she’s accused of deliberately wounding herself to avoid being called up to a tour of Afghanistan. Army Psychiatrist Colonel John Parker asks Zak and Tom to defend Laura for attempted desertion. Tom is convinced Laura is not a coward and accepts the case on behalf of them both.

Zak is frustrated when he sees Colonel John Parker flirting with Hannah. However, knowing he can’t be with her and convinced by Mrs Sheringham that he must discourage Hannah from pursuing a relationship with him, he takes Hannah on as his case associate in order to bring her and John closer together. It’s painful but necessary for Zak.

When Hannah tells Richard she’ll be working with Zak, Richard stirs things up by telling her this decision is clearly because Zak has feeling for her. Hannah disregards it, but Richard insists that Richard shakes like a leaf when he’s around her. Hannah later tells Zak that Colonel John Parker has asked her out on a date. Zak is dying inside but hides his jealousy well, much to Hannah’s disappointment. Zak and Hannah continue with the case and question Laura about what happened. She eventually admits she didn’t stab herself, but they are unable to get to the bottom of who is responsible for her injury.

Meanwhile, Tom quizzes Sophie, Laura’s best friend, who tells him that Sergeant Steve Faber may have a grudge against Laura after she spurned his sexual advances. Suspicion clearly points to him, but is there more to the case than meets the eye?

Working so closely with the army brings back memories from Zak’s past and he confesses to Tom that on a previous tour of duty he served on the Western Front in World War 1. Tom is impressed when he learns that Zak was the Angel of Mons and protected members of the British Army.

Back at the Belfry, Mrs Sheringham is very conscious that her wedding anniversary is approaching and she can’t stop thinking about Billy, the husband she lost. She heads into York and is convinced she’s seen Billy. When she realises her mistake she cries out in frustration. Richard appears, as if out of nowhere, and he delights in her pain. When Mrs Sheringham returns home she is shocked when a man comes to the door. It’s Carl, Billy’s long lost brother, to whom he shows a remarkable resemblance. This is the first time they have met but Mrs Sheringham clearly takes great comfort from this new link to the love of her life.

Episode 6
Thursday 9th February 2012, 9pm

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An argument breaks out at Hale Engineering, spurred on by the fact the factory has taken a contract with the MOD to make parts for Tomahawk missiles. Three brothers, Marcus, Bruno and Felix, run the factory but Marcus furiously insists the deal goes against the principles of their father who founded the works. Bruno and Felix both insist the new deal will save the town from the brink of poverty and create more jobs in the area, but Marcus remains adamant.

Felix angrily confronts Marcus outside and Bruno turns up just in time to find Marcus, holding an iron bar, standing over a Felix who is lying on the ground. Bruno rushes over and finds Felix is dead. Marcus is arrested for murder and Zak and Tom take on the case. They must defend Marcus on a plea of not-guilty as Marcus claims that Felix had swung at him with the jemmy bar, but missed, causing the bar to bounce off a wall and hit Felix in the face. Marcus swears he is innocent.

Richard is on the prosecuting counsel and takes great delight in stirring things up further. Not only does he encourage Bruno to testify against his brother, claiming he saw the whole fight, but Richard also sends Hannah to Hale Engineering to serve an injunction so the works are closed down for the duration of the trial. Hannah is met by an angry group of workers, but luckily Zak senses trouble and arrives just in time to protect her.

Zak later goes to see Richard and begs him not to use Hannah in his attempts to foil him. Richard enjoys telling Zak that it was he, not Mr Mountjoy, that put Hannah in Zak’s path and his black wings emerge, illustrating his dark and evil being. After finding additional evidence to suggest Marcus is innocent, Zak and Tom make a desperate bid to reunite the warring brothers, but will this be enough for Bruno to change his statement and clear Marcus’ name?

Meanwhile, Mrs Sheringham spends time with Carl, Billy’s brother. She cherishes the opportunity to feel close to her lost husband. Carl tries to convince Mrs Sheringham to leave the Belfry and abandon Zak and Tom. He insists it’s time she put her own happiness first. But will Mrs Sheringham decide to move on, and is there more to Carl than meets the eye?

Elsewhere, Hannah has been spending time with John Parker and she tells Zak that she’s going on holiday with him. It’s clear she’s hoping Zak will stop her, but will Zak fight for her love or let her walk away?

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