‘Miranda’: Series 3 episode guide

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Hit comedy Miranda returns to BBC One for a third series this Christmas, starring Miranda Hart as Miranda, Patricia Hodge as Penny, Sarah Hadland as Stevie and Tom Ellis as Gary.

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Episode 1
Wednesday 26 December 2012, 9pm

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Penny is threatening to cancel Miranda’s Christmas if she doesn’t sort her life out. Among other things, she forces her daughter on a detox. Stevie has a new executive job and Miranda tries to follow her into an office job, but it all proves too much. Meanwhile, are Gary and Miranda able to just be friends?

Episode 2

Tuesday 1 January 2012, 9pm

Penny embarrasses Miranda by running for local councillor with Tilly as her wing man. Gary has put himself on the dating scene and Miranda decides she has to do the same. They both want dates for Stevie’s birthday party. Will they find partners or end up back in each other’s company? The result is a big surprise for Stevie.


Episode 3
Monday 7 January 2012, 9pm

Miranda has decided to prove to herself and her friends she can officially be an adult. First by looking after a toddler, but the soft play centre is too much of a lure and she gets stuck in a kids’ tunnel. Then, by hosting a dinner party for eight. It ends in inevitable chaos.


Episode 4
Monday 14 January 2012, 9pm

Miranda has been caring for her ill mother for five very long days. Trapped in her flat being barked at by Penny, she is forced to think about her life regrets. Before she has the chance to tick off her bucket list she gets ill and Tilly, Gary and Stevie offer no sympathy or help at all.


Episode 5
Monday 21 January 2012, 9pm

Gary is preparing for the grand re-opening of the restaurant. Putting on his best chef whites, he has never looked so attractive to Miranda. Will Stevie persuade her to say what she feels? Or will Penny get in the way as she excitedly stalks her poster boy, Raymond Blanc?


Episode 6
Monday 28 January 2012, 9pm

A fed-up Miranda makes a big life decision: she’s going travelling. She has packed her bags and is leaving, this time for good. Stevie is devastated, and Penny is too wrapped up in renewing her wedding vows to notice. Only Gary can stop her going, but how does he really feel?


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