‘Mount Pleasant’ Season 4 episode guide

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Starring Sally Lindsay, Daniel Ryan and Samantha Womack, comedy drama Mount Pleasant returns to Sky Living for a fourth season this autumn.

Season 3 was full of ups and downs for the locals, especially for Lisa (Lindsay) and Dan (Ryan), who were rocked by Dan’s fling with neighbour Tanya (Womack). Against the odds, Pauline (Paula Wilcox) and Charlie (David Bradley) finally made it down the aisle, and Lisa reconciled with Dan, announcing that she was expecting their first child.


Episode 1

Tuesday 16 September 2014, 9pm

New arrivals and fresh challenges mean that life is far from simple for the residents this series. Lisa and Dan eagerly await the arrival of their baby, but tantrums and drama are already in full flow – and that’s just Dan. The unexpected homecoming of his wayward brother Robbie (Daniel Ings, The Cafe) raises a red flag, whereas everyone else is positively giddy about his return.

Elsewhere, Greg (Adrian Bower) is released from prison following his mix-up with a drug ring and Denise (Ainsley Howard) sees her modelling career take off in a big way. Fergus is reluctant to support her, until the local paper wants to include him in a feature about her success, that is.

Bianca (Sian Reeves) and Roger (James Dreyfus), meanwhile, do their best to keep Gary’s (George Sampson) spirits up after he gets disappointing A-level results, and Bradley (Nigel Harman) fears his family’s past may be finally catching up with them. The gang are all given a welcome distraction from their personal problems, however, when Lisa goes into labour a week early and a chaotic dash to the hospital ensues.


Episode 2

Tuesday 23 September 2014, 9pm

Becoming a grandfather has put the spring back in Barry’s step, but what’s going on with Lisa?

Although maternity leave should alleviate the stress of work, she’s having trouble switching off her career brain and getting into mummy mode. Dan, meanwhile, has a bee in his bonnet about why Robbie left an apparently perfect life in the Big Apple for suburban Manchester.

Over the road, a call from a disgruntled former business partner sends Bradley into a panic, culminating in a proposition for newly-paroled Greg. While Greg considers a dubious career move, Fergus signs his own death warrant by hiring a PA behind Lisa’s back. Gary’s prospects, however, take a positive turn with an invitation to try out for a professional football club.

As for Bianca, she is at risk of exploding when BFF Roger agrees to move in – mice have taken up residency in the vicarage, leaving him with no option but to take refuge in Bianca’s (very pink) spare room and submit his patience to the ultimate endurance test.


Episode 3

Tuesday 30 September 2014, 9pm

The temperature is rising on Mount Pleasant as Tanya and Greg become better acquainted. In Bradley’s absence, Greg visits Tanya’s home under the pretence of fitting a new kitchen – she’s completely unaware of the real reason behind Greg’s employment, but is more than happy to have a man about the house.

Lisa, meanwhile, isn’t overjoyed to return to Fersa Recruitment, especially when she finds out Fergus has hired incompetent Angie as a PA, and Dan faces work problems of his own after being pressured into taking on unreliable Robbie as an apprentice.

Over at Bianca’s expanding household, Roger the lodger’s attempt to help out with the chores leads to disaster, although it’s nothing compared to the trouble Pauline causes at one of Denise’s swanky VIP parties.


Episode 4

Tuesday 7 October 2014, 9pm

As war continues to rage in the Fersa office, Lisa plays hardball to prove Angie (AKA ‘the Cruella de Vil of Salford’) isn’t all she’s cracked up to be. Sadly, she’s waging a one-woman fight, what with Fergus preoccupied with covering up his huge loss of company money on the stock market.

Greg’s also feeling the pressure when he spots someone watching Tanya’s house, forcing him to come clean about the danger she and Ella could be in. The group hotfoot it to a secure location, making it the right time for Ella to learn once and for all the real reason behind her family’s life on the lam.

While Tanya and Ella have their first open and honest conversation, Dan struggles to bite his tongue during an exasperating trip to a car boot sale with Barry, Pauline and Robbie. He and Lisa are competing to see who can have the worst day, and when Pauline’s secret agenda comes to light, it looks like Dan could triumph.

If only the unhappy shopper had someone to vent to, such as Bianca, who discovers a knack for giving advice when she has to play unlikely counsellor to one of Roger’s troubled parishioners.


Episode 5

Tuesday 14 October 2014, 9pm

It’s often said the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, so Lisa wants to throw a dinner party to foster harmony between the Johnson brothers, but the night takes an unsavoury turn long before any food is served.

When Greg lets slip that the shady figures lingering around Mount Pleasant were looking for Robbie, Dan plays detective to find out the truth about his brother’s exploits. Blissfully unaware that things are about to explode, the man in question tries to convince Bianca to be his date for the evening.

Events gather pace at Denise’s house as well when Fergus tries to right a few wrongs. Realising that his pride has been eating away at their relationship, Fergus decides to make a grand gesture to set them on course for a brighter future.

The world doesn’t look quite so sunny at the Dawsons’, though, as Tanya and Ella try to get their heads around Bradley’s web of lies. Greg decides to stick around because they’re by no means out of the red, but Tanya has mixed feelings about his presence.


Episode 6

Tuesday 21 October 2014, 9pm

Pleasant following Robbie’s revelations. Lisa and Dan take it upon themselves to act as peacemakers between him and Pauline, but Robbie’s the one with the real making up to do.

Having been in the crossfire of the feud, Bianca is feeling a little wounded and turns to Roger to cheer her up. A reassuring shoulder to lean on leads to crossed wires, though, and their solid friendship is turned on its head.

Romance is also causing Denise trouble and it’s on a day out with Barry, who’s become more philosophical since the passing of a loved one, that she comes to a life-changing decision.


Episode 7

Tuesday 28 October 2014, 9pm

Baby Molly gets a taste of life in the fast lane. Let down (again) by her son Robbie, Pauline throws herself into granny duties to distract herself. Barry isn’t sold on her unique parenting techniques, though, and breaks the little’un out, only to lose his nerve and seek protection from Pauline’s wrath from Terry and Roger.

The boys can run from their respective women problems but they can’t hide, a lesson they learn the hard way when Pauline and Margaret go after them.

Temperatures continue to rise in Mount Pleasant, too, as Greg and Tanya grow closer. Having fallen prey to Tanya’s manoeuvres before, Dan notices the warning signs and tries to prevent a dangerous liaison, causing tempers between the two friends to flare.


Episode 8

Tuesday 4 November 2014, 9pm

Mount Pleasant is engulfed in panic in the finale.

As Bradley’s enemies close in, the Dawsons realise that staying in Manchester is no longer an option – but Tanya can’t leave without a party. She wants the night to go out with a bang, however the appearance of Bradley’s gun-wielding former ‘business’ partner Gus (Dexter Fletcher) isn’t what she had in mind.

Out for revenge, Gus holds Lisa, Pauline and the other girls hostage, leaving it to Dan, Robbie and Greg to put aside their differences to save their loved ones.


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