‘New Tricks’: Series 10 episode guide

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Episode 1
Tuesday 30 July 2013, 9pm

Lane is suspended after assaulting an officer he suspects of covering up a death in custody which lead to his early retirement. The assault triggers a disciplinary hearing which was Lane’s intention all along.

Meanwhile, a mysterious Argentinian pistol is recovered from the Thames. Not only does it appear to have been fired in the Falklands conflict but it was also used in the unsolved 1998 murder of a playboy shipping heir. When the pistol is linked to a second unsolved murder, a young boy, Danny Bossano on the Rock of Gibraltar in 1982, the team must face their most challenging case yet.

Without Lane, they embark on a Mediterranean adventure that pushes them to their limits. Pullman’s direct approach leads to tension with the MOD and local police, especially Superintendent Cruz and the surprise appearance of an old friend who has found a vital clue, leaves Standing in a very dangerous position.


Episode 2
Tuesday 6 August 2013, 9pm

The Rock is reeling from the murder of shipping agent Gordon Fletcher, Pullman continues to clash with Superintendent Cruz, while Lane and Standing find themselves marooned on the side of a Spanish mountain.

Lane and Standing hitchhike back with the help of some bikers and after the hairdryer treatment from Pullman are seconded to Cruz’s team while McAndrew has a romantic near miss with a beautiful hotel receptionist. Pullman continues to have doubts about the guilt of charming entrepreneur Harry Truman but that doesn’t stop her from joining him for lunch on his luxury yacht.

A moment of brilliance from Lane leads the team to a member of the armed forces called William Sinclair which helps solve both cases and finally finds peace for Levy Bossano grieving for the death of his son Danny.

Lane returns to London for his disciplinary hearing but his nemesis Commander Embleton is more than ready for the fight. With Esther by his side, Lane confronts the demons of his past. Can he stay strong enough? And what will be the price of bringing justice to a grieving mother?


Episode 3
Tuesday 13 August 2013, 9pm

Lane confesses to a worried Esther he’s given the recording of Embleton admitting negligence to Anthony Kaye’s mother. Full of regret about lost years, he tries to make contact with his estranged son Mark and discovers something, much to Esther’s delight, that could be the answer to their reconciliation.

Prisoner Scott Bunce, accused of stabbing his wife 16 years ago, is released when new forensic evidence comes to light. Standing is adamant they got their man at the time, but Strickland has brought in senior officer Mike Fleming, also part of the original investigation, to talk to UCOS.

Reclusive and damaged, Lizzie Bunce is terrified now that her father is free. She tells Lane and Pullman about the effect on her parents of losing her four-year-old brother Joe. Pullman orders 24-hour police guards and Standing warns Bunce off when he tries to return to the house.

When Bunce’s former gang member Steffan King is battered in his home, things are not looking good once more for Bunce, but in an act of genius and with help from his son Mark, Lane discovers something that could shed light on the true events of that fateful night 16 years ago. Will this be enough to bring closure to another estranged father and can anything save Lane from the trouble he brought on himself by releasing the truth to the Kaye campaign?


Episode 4
Tuesday 20 August 2013, 9pm

While Lane is spending time at home making peace with himself over his dismissal, Esther introduces him to Margaret Kirby, a friend from book club who is looking for her missing brother, Peter. Initially reluctant, Lane agrees to help her find him in the interest of keeping his mind active.

The Lanes are being bothered by a journalist, apparently sent by Embleton to discredit Brian as a detective, and when Strickland says he can do nothing to stop this, a furious Brian is spurred into visiting a convicted murderer in prison. Jonathan Epstein was accused of torturing his wife for her bank passwords and along with his girlfriend, murdering her – but his girlfriend disappeared with the money. Peter Sale – the brother Lane has agreed to track down for Margaret – was the Epsteins’ accountant and Lane hopes he’ll know where Sale is.

Meanwhile, UCOS have received an anonymous lead about the whereabouts of a conman who may be connected to a number of their outstanding cases.

Accompanied by Esther, Brian sets off on a trail to find Margaret’s missing brother, which leads down several blind alleys and begins to encroach on the work UCOS are doing to track down the conman. But who is leaving him clues, how many times can he cross paths with his old colleagues, and who will get to the truth first?


Episode 5
Tuesday 27 August 2013, 9pm

The team investigate the unsolved murder of 80s Soho character and pornographer Jim Hockney after his daughter Sara arrives with DNA proof that Jim wasn’t her father. When Sara’s mum, Jane Hockney, is interviewed she tells them she can’t remember who Sara’s real dad is because she had a lot of partners – just like Jim himself.

Next, the team attempt to track down jazz singer Angela Gold, who was Jim’s girlfriend at the time and who was tried and acquitted of his murder. Having disappeared from the music scene, UCOS listen to her haunting voice on old records while attempting to trace her.

Meanwhile, new recruit Dan Griffin, formerly of the Met’s Murder Squad, arrives as Brian Lane’s replacement, making Standing decidedly uneasy. He’s convinced Dan’s a mole and is going to sabotage the case but Pullman is impressed when Dan cleverly tracks Angela down using her stage name. Angela professes her innocence and Pullman is convinced Jane is not telling them everything, especially when she finds out that Jim’s brother Colin sold Jim’s empire to his main competitor, Gavin Reason, not long after Jim’s death. She’s even more suspicious when she finds out that Gavin and Jane were childhood sweethearts.

Can the team prove that the woman who has already been acquitted of the murder is indeed guilty, or was there something more complex going on in the colourful life of Jim Hockney?


Episode 6
Tuesday 3 September 2013, 9pm

Five years ago, happily married father-to-be Simon Belgrade went for his daily run in Epping Forest but mysteriously never made it to work at his father in law’s construction company. It turns out that, Frank Miles, Simon’s father in law has a record for GBH and he becomes even more suspicious when Pullman notices how his daughter Becky appears terrified of him.

Becky was eight and a half months pregnant at the time of Simon’s disappearance and is shaken at the idea that her missing husband might have been murdered. Also holding out hope that he’ll return are Simon’s mother Eliza and older brother Tim, who paint the picture of Simon and Becky’s perfect marriage.

With no money missing from his account, none of his belongings taken from his home and without his passport, UCOS are puzzled at how far Simon could have gone and when they question Simon’s best friend Dom Akers and Dom’s estranged wife Lois, they wonder what was really going on in Simon’s private life at the time.

Eventually, the team finds out that Simon had a string of failed businesses, a complex relationship with his father and a desire to escape the rat race, which slowly starts to shed light on his disappearance.


Episode 7
Tuesday 10 September 2013, 9pm

When the team investigate the death of an MP’s researcher and find themselves in hot pursuit of a mysterious Bosnian woman, Strickland introduces Pullman to a war crimes prosecutor who proves to be more than helpful to their case.


Episode 8
Tuesday 17 September 2013, 9pm

Pullman seizes the chance to solve a murder that she believes is linked to her first ever case, and the team start putting together a jigsaw puzzle of suspects from a photograph taken in a London park in the 90s.

Eventually faced with increasing pressure to hand over the investigation, Sandra makes a huge decision, which is going to change UCOS forever


Episode 9
Tuesday 24 September 2013, 9pm

Feathers are ruffled when new boss DCI Sasha Miller arrives to take over the running of UCOS.

An unexploded World War II bomb is unearthed on an urban allotment in west London, dredging up a long-hidden murder weapon, and the team find themselves investigating a ritualistic killing of an Italian immigrant from 25 years ago.


Episode 10
Tuesday 1 October 2013, 9pm

Miller is faced with a dilemma when the investigation of a corrupt senior officer calls into question the conviction of Edward Monroe – who she believes to be guilty of murdering her old work partner. Pre-empting an appeal, UCOS must carry out preliminary investigative work for Strickland.

As things begin to look like someone else could be guilty of the crime in question, can Miller hide a key fact from the team or will she do the right thing?


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