‘Paradox’: Series 1 episode guide

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Detective Inspector Rebecca Flint (Tamzin Outhwaite) is thrown together with Space Scientist Dr Christian King (Emun Elliott) when a series of rogue images are transmitted from space into his laboratory. The fragmented images appear to be of a major incident but, shockingly, they also suggest it is yet to happen – it’s in the future.

With each episode of this high-concept and intriguing series set to a relentless ticking clock, Christian, Rebecca and her team, DS Ben Holt (Mark Bonnar) and DC Callum Gada (Chiké Okonkwo), face a race against time as they only have 18 hours to put together the clues of this most complex of jigsaw puzzles and try to prevent almost certain tragedy.


Episode 1
Tuesday 24th November 2009

World-renowned space scientist Dr Christian King claims to have received a series of images from space. The images appear to have come from assorted sources, some look like CCTV imaging and others look like photos but, most disturbingly, they appear to show fragments of an event – a huge explosion in which many people are killed. Shockingly, Dr King claims the disaster is yet to happen and that it will take place in 18 hours time.

Is this an elaborate warning of a terrorist attack, or could it be something else? DI Rebecca Flint and her team, DS Ben Holt and DC Callum Gada, are put on the case to investigate Dr King and the images. They are uncertain of what to believe but have to put their reservations aside to race against a ticking clock to prevent the possible catastrophe from taking place.

As the pieces of the jigsaw puzzle come together, it becomes clear that this is a chain of events which no person could possibly predict or plan. Rebecca and her team are stunned by their findings but must continue their investigations without arousing suspicion – if news of this reaches the public’s consciousness there will be chaos. With time running out, and tragedy drawing closer, DI Flint begins to contemplate the impossible – that the images might not be a coded warning or an elaborate threat, but a genuine glimpse of the future.


Episode 2
Tuesday 1st December 2009

Yesterday’s event is weighing heavily on Rebecca’s mind as she struggles to come to terms with whether or not she really could have the ability to alter the future. To make matters worse, a new series of images are beamed into Dr Christian King’s Prometheus lab, again showing fragments of a serious incident that is set to take place in 18 hours time.

The numerous images don’t appear to make any sense and the team question whether they should be messing with the future. However, the pictures clearly spell disaster and Rebecca’s heart begins to race when she learns the identity of the dead body in one of the images – the corpse is Ben.

Rebecca doesn’t know how or when Ben will die, but suddenly her quest to change the future becomes even more frantic. Can she keep the shocking image from Ben and does she have the power to change his destiny?


Episode 3
Tuesday 8th December 2009

DI Rebecca Flint, DS Ben Holt and DC Callum Gada are alarmed to receive another set of seven images via space scientist Dr Christian King. This time the images suggest a violent attack on a woman and, with only 12 hours to prevent the assault, the team must work fast.

They split up and Callum starts investigating the images, believing they are a message from a higher power – a warning from the future. Meanwhile, Ben tracks down information on an attack which took place the previous day and shares similarities with one of the images.

While Ben conducts his research he comes across the most disturbing image of all – one of him lying dead. Alarmed, Ben confronts Rebecca and she’s forced to explain that the previous set of images predicted his death and they managed to change his fate. Ben is furious with Rebecca for keeping this from him and struggles to come to terms with the idea he may be dead in a parallel universe.

The team become divided as they begin to lose sight of the investigate, but the clock is still ticking. As a vulnerable woman comes face to face with her attacker, will the detectives identify her as a potential victim before it is too late?


Episode 4
Tuesday 15th December 2009

The team are still reeling over the consequences of the last set of images, aware that their intervention means a violent attacker, Stuart Taylor, is on the loose. More images arrive in the control room showing two dead bodies; one is a charred corpse and the second is twisted and broken from a fall. Other images include a petrol canister, a safety strap and a fire hydrant marker, leading the team to believe they are looking at a future fire.

While Ben and Rebecca focus on the job in hand, Callum cannot get Taylor out of his mind. He becomes convinced he has been given instructions by a higher power to protect Sonia, a beautician who he fears is in danger, but she finds his behaviour strange and demands he leaves her alone.

Back at the control room, Dr Christian King tells the team he has identified one of the images as a set of glass doors and he believes he can find their location through triangulation. As the team works quickly to track this down, Rebecca is confronted with an awful decision…


Episode 5
Tuesday 22nd December 2009

Witnessing a young father plummet to his death proved traumatic for Rebecca and her team and Dr Christian King has difficulty coping. He goes missing but, with another set of images to decipher, there is no time to lose and Rebecca is ordered by her superior to find him and bring him back to the lab.

The team recognises some of the images from previous cases, including one that is connected to rapist Stuart Taylor. However, more shockingly, the new pictures appear to implicate Rebecca in a potentially fatal scenario. Ben also recognises someone in an image featuring a dead teenager – Zac Hedley, a friend of his daughter, Leah. An unidentifiable female body also in the picture immediately panics Ben and both he and Rebecca fear what the images could mean for them and those they love – especially as they have only four hours and 23 minutes to put the clues together.

While the team works hard to solve the mystery, Callum goes to the nail salon to check on Sonia but discovers she has been murdered. He is convinced she has become Taylor’s latest victim and finds it difficult to reconcile with the fact that, by intervening in the last set of images, he may have changed the future. He makes it his mission to get justice – he can’t risk Taylor getting away with it again. Rebecca, meanwhile, has a dilemma. If she tries to intervene, will she be able to stop a tragedy unfolding or will she help make it happen? The clock is ticking…