‘Prisoners’ Wives’: Series 2 episode guide

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Kim Haines is played by Sally Carman, Fran Miller is played by Polly Walker, Aisling O’Connor is played by Karla Crome, and Harriet Allison is played by Pippa Haywood.


Episode 1
Thursday 14 March 2013, 9pm

As each of the women struggle with the fall-out from their loved one’s imprisonment, viewers can expect crime and jeopardy, joy and laughter, sex and secrets. This series, Francesca is forced to confront the ugly reality of her husband’s world. As the line blurs between criminal and criminal’s wife, she and her family face devastating consequences. For Harriet, there’s a chance at happiness in her relationship with prison Chaplain Ian – but how will her son Gavin react to a new man in her life? Meanwhile Aisling is desperate for her father to behave in prison and get out in time for her wedding, and Kim’s past comes back to haunt her in her fight to clear her husband’s name.

Gangster’s wife Francesca is at the heart of an escalating gangland turf-war. When her home is set alight with her family inside, Francesca wants to run away – but is persuaded by her husband Paul that he will keep her safe. But as Francesca finds herself duped by Paul, under scrutiny from the police, at odds with her terrified family and living as a prisoner in a high-security apartment, things seem far from ‘safe’.

Meanwhile, Kim’s perfect world is turned upside-down when her loving husband and the father of her three young boys is accused of the most heinous of crimes. Kim is convinced that the allegation is malicious, but as her husband is sent to prison on remand, no one will listen to her.

Harriet is delighted that her son Gavin has found friendship with a group of Muslim inmates and wants to convert to Islam. Harriet is on her own spiritual journey with Jesus… or should that be the prison chaplain? As Harriet pursues her own happiness, Gavin’s protective friends are revealed to be not what they seem.

And Aisling is exasperated that her repeat offender dad is back inside. Brendan promises his only daughter that he’ll keep his head down and make sure he’s released in time for her wedding, but can Brendan keep his promise?


Episode 2
Thursday 21 March 2013, 9pm

Kim is determined to prove her husband’s innocence and get him released from prison. But with her community living in fear of her ASBO neighbours and suspicious of any man accused of child abuse, no one seems willing to help her.

Worse still, Kim comes to realise that the only way she can help her husband is to come clean about a secret she’d rather forget.

Meanwhile, Francesca starts money laundering for her husband’s business. Her family are proud that she has ‘gone straight’ but how long until they realise the truth? Harriet tries to take her relationship with prison chaplain Ian to another level, but with affairs of the heart occupying her, she takes her eye off troubled son Gavin. And as Aisling wrestles with her father’s spectacular unreliability, Brendan’s imprisonment remains a source of tension with fiancée Ben, and Aisling’s eyes begin to stray…


Episode 3
Thursday 28 March 2013, 9pm

Francesca is determined to focus on her fractured family. As she shows her drug-dealing son Matt some tough love and tries to rebuild bridges with her father and daughter, she puts the family ‘business’ (money laundering) on the back burner. But with DCI Fontaine’s surveillance stepping up a gear, is Francesca in too deep to escape the long arm of the law?

Meanwhile, Aisling has to deal with the devastating news that her father is dying. Grief-stricken, she finds comfort in reckless Matt rather then her fiancé Ben.

Harriet’s affair with Ian appears to be going from strength to strength, but when Gavin’s actions breach prison security, Ian finds himself professionally compromised with calamitous consequences. And as Kim’s adultery is exposed, the once responsible mother falls into disarray.


Episode 4
Thursday 4 April 2013, 9pm

When Francesca is released from police custody, she is devastated to learn that her father and daughter want nothing to do with her.

Francesca finally realises that being a good mother and a gangster’s wife are irreconcilable, but just as she is prepared to go straight, her worst nightmare is realised; her daughter becomes the target of a gangland crime and her son turns gangster to protect his sister.

Meanwhile, Mick’s release from prison is far from joyful. Kim is desperate to rebuild their marriage, but Mick, traumatised by his imprisonment, wants little to do with her. Harriet is heartbroken when Ian ends their relationship. She blames her son Gavin – will she ever be able to forgive him? And as Aisling makes plans to move away following Brendan’s death, will Matt’s promise to keep out of trouble convince her to stay? And will Matt be able to keep his promise?


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