‘The Fall’ Season 3 episode guide: What happens next?

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Jamie Dornan and Gillian Anderson return to BBC Two as Stella Gibson continues her hunt for the serial murderer Paul Spector in The Fall.

Created, written and directed by Allan Cubitt, the psychological thriller’s final season also stars Ruth Bradley (Humans), Krister Henriksson (Wallander), Aidan McArdle (Mr Selfridge), Aisling Bea (Trollied) and Richard Coyle (Crossbones), alongside returning series regulars Colin Morgan, John Lynch, Valene Kane, Stuart Graham, Bronagh Waugh, Aisling Franciosi.

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As The Fall reaches its inexorable conclusion, it’s clear that the rules of this deadly game of cat and mouse are set to shift once again.


Episode 1

Thursday 29 September 2016, 9pm

Detective Superintendent Stella Gibson (Gillian Anderson) has arrested Paul Spector (Jamie Dornan) – but will he survive the gunshot wounds sustained in police custody? Will he ever face justice?

Spector is rushed to Belfast General Hospital where Dr Joe O’Donnell (Richard Coyle), Nurse Kiera Sheridan (Aisling Bea) and the staff engage in the blood-soaked fight to keep him alive.

News of Spector’s arrest and life-threatening injuries reach Katie and she plots to help him. With the powers-that-be questioning Gibson’s handling of the case, her determination to get a conviction is tested to the full.


Episode 2

Thursday 6 October 2016, 9pm

Gibson (Gillian Anderson) and Burns (John Lynch) are hauled over the coals by the Police Ombudsman and the Policing Executive for their conduct and handling of the case.

When Spector’s name is released to the press as the arrested suspect in the Belfast Strangler case, his wife and family are forced to deal with the consequences.

Katie (Aisling Franciosi), enraged at the media treatment of him, decides to take matters into her own hands. All the while Nurse Kiera Sheridan (Aisling Bea) and the medical team continue to fight to keep Spector (Jamie Dornan) alive. But even if he survives will he ever be fit enough to stand trial? And do Gibson and her team have enough evidence?


Episode 3

Thursday 13 October 2016, 9pm

With developments in Spector’s condition and Sean Healy and his legal team springing into action, Detective Superintendent Stella Gibson is more desperate than ever to ensure justice is served.

Gibson must act decisively after discovering new evidence and is surprised by a visit from Rose Stagg (Valene Kane).

Meanwhile Sally-Ann reaches breaking point.


Episode 4

Thursday 20 October 2016, 9pm

Gibson comes face to face with the depths of Sally-Ann’s desperation, while Burns has to confront his guilt.

Gibson and Doctor Larson (Krister Henriksson) clash over their different view of Spector – patient or prisoner?

Meanwhile, following up on their significant new lead, Anderson (Colin Morgan) and Ferrington (Niamh McGrady) are dispatched to London.


Episode 5

Thursday 27 October 2016, 9pm

As Doctor Larson (Krister Henriksson) begins his assessment, Spector starts to open up about his past.
Meanwhile Spector’s legal team are determined to ensure that Spector never stands trial, causing Gibson’s conduct to come under further scrutiny.

Following their lead in London, Anderson (Colin Morgan) and Ferrington (Niamh McGrady) uncover someone with a link to Spector who could turn the whole case on its head.

Katie (Aisling Franciosi) appears in court having breached her parole and attacked her friend.


Episode 6

Friday 28 October 2016, 9pm

The thrilling finale sees the battle between Gibson and Spector reach its terrifying and inexorable conclusion.

Gibson (Gillian Anderson) and Anderson (Colin Morgan) put fresh evidence to Spector (Jamie Dornan) – with explosive results.

Spector’s new-found friendship in the secure psychiatric facility develops, with devastating consequences.

Gibson goes to see Katie, who is struggling with her incarceration.


Buy the Season 1-2 box set on Amazon here.

Pre-order Season 3 on DVD on Amazon here.

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