‘The Sarah Jane Adventures’: Series 3 episode guide

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Sarah Jane Smith and co are back for a third series of alien-busting adventures in CBBC’s The Sarah Jane Adventures this autumn.

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Sarah Jane is accompanied by her adopted son, Luke, his streetwise pal, Clyde Langer, their schoolmate, Rani, who lives opposite and has aspirations to become a journalist like Sarah Jane, and their Xylok super computer in the attic, Mr Smith.


Episode 1: Prisoner Of The Judoon – Part One
Thursday 15th October 2009

Sarah Jane and the gang face the most dangerous day of their lives, as the rhino-like Judoon return. When prisoner Androvax the Destroyer crash-lands on Earth, a Veil is set free and starts to turn Earth’s technology against itself. And his next intended victim is Sarah Jane.


Episode 2: Prisoner Of The Judoon – Part Two
Friday 16th October 2009

As the Judoon fleet approaches Earth, it’s a race against time to stop Androvax. But with Genetech’s technology on the rampage, and Rani’s parents taken prisoner, can anything stop the Army of the Infinitesimal?


Episode 3: The Mad Woman In The Attic – Part One
Thursday 22nd October 2009

Rani investigates strange rumours about a demon living in a funfair at the seaside. What she finds there, however, is far more alarming than that and she makes a decision that affects not only her future, but also the futures of all those she cares about. Far in the future, in 2059, an old Rani remembers the day when her whole life went wrong. As her younger self investigates mysterious disappearances at an abandoned funfair, she sets into motion a chain of events which unleash the terrible powers of the alien Eve.


Episode 4: The Mad Woman In The Attic – Part Two
Friday 23rd October 2009

What Rani finds is far more alarming and she makes a decision that affects not only her future, but also the futures of all those she cares about. Alien Eve’s powers grow out of control, with everyone caught in her sinister and endless games. As the echoes of an ancient war threaten the modern world, the danger extends all the way to the year 2059. If Rani fails to change her own destiny, then everyone is doomed.


Episode 5: The Wedding of Sarah Jane Smith – Part One
Thursday 29th October 2009

Sarah Jane has met Peter Dalton and wants him to become part of her life; perhaps he could become a father to Luke. But Clyde suspects that Peter is hiding a secret or two, especially when he and Rani find an empty house where Peter says his home should be. The Doctor makes a spectacular return on the happiest day of Sarah Jane’s life but a deadly trap is awaiting them all. Can even a Time Lord save Sarah Jane on the day of her arch-enemy’s greatest triumph?


Episode 6: The Wedding of Sarah Jane Smith – Part Two
Friday 30th October 2009

The Doctor joins the battle, as the power of the Pantheon Of Discord grows in strength, but a deadly trap is waiting for them all. Is the Doctor too late to save both his old companion and Earth itself? As the strands of a clever and careful plan draw together, the two friends are separated across different time zones and must fight to save each other. For one, there’s a terrible price to pay.


Episode 7: The Eternity Trap – Part One
Thursday 5th November 2009

A haunted house, with mysterious whispers and secrets in the shadows attracts Sarah Jane’s attention. When Professor Rivers and the gang investigate an old legend, a monstrous creature appears in the night as the terrifying grasp of Erasmus Darkening reaches out from centuries past.


Episode 8: The Eternity Trap – Part Two
Friday 6th November 2009

Sarah Jane and the gang discover the secrets of Erasmus Darkening, but are they too late? As ghosts from the past rise up, and the quest to find the missing children reaches a climax, it seems that nothing can stop the ancient alchemist’s rise to victory.


Episode 9: Mona Lisa’s Revenge – Part One
Thursday 12th November 2009

Strange forces bring the Mona Lisa to life. Clyde’s proudest day turns into a nightmare when he discovers that fine art can be dangerous and, when a school trip descends into disaster, the gang find themselves trapped without Sarah Jane’s help, as the awesome abomination stirs.


Episode 10: Mona Lisa’s Revenge – Part Two
Friday 13th November 2009

Luke and Rani investigate the myth of the dreaded abomination. With Sarah Jane trapped and beyond help, everything now depends upon Clyde. Mona Lisa vows to release her terrifying brother from his age-old prison, but only Clyde has the key.


Episode 11: The Gift – Part One
Thursday 19th November 2009

Sarah Jane, Luke, Clyde and Rani face an old enemy, the green Slitheen. When the Slitheen’s latest scheme is halted, their rivals, the Blathereen, arrive. Declaring peace between the planets, they offer Sarah Jane a gift – one that might change the future of the human race forever.


Episode 12: The Gift – Part Two
Friday 20th November 2009

When the Blathereens’ gift runs riot, Sarah Jane faces the battle of her life to save her son, Luke. With Clyde, Rani and K9 trapped in a school under siege, and the whole of London convulsing under the alien threat, everything heads for a final showdown in the attic – and not everyone is getting out alive.