Dalek Universe 3 boxset cover art

Dalek Universe 3 – Doctor Who audio boxset review

Dalek Universe 3 concludes the Tenth Doctor’s sojourn in a pre-Time War, Terry Nation inspired universe. After being drawn back, sans-TARDIS, the Doctor has been seeking a way to his own time. He has been aided in this quest by Space Security Service agent Anya Kingdom, with whom he has a complicated history. However, at … >

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Around The World In 80 Days: New photos from David Tennant drama

Promised later this year, the BBC have released cast photos for their Jules Verne adaptation. Just in case there’s anyone out there unfamiliar with the tale, the story follows the adventures of Phileas Fogg (David Tennant) and his manservant Passepartout (Ibrahim Koma) as they attempt to circumnavigate the globe to win a wager. While the … >

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Dalek Universe 2 boxset cover

Dalek Universe 2 – Doctor Who audio boxset review

Dalek Universe 2 continues the Tenth Doctor’s series of adventures trapped in a pre-Time War, Terry Nation inspired universe. Separated from his TARDIS, he has found two allies in Earth’s Space Security Service, agents Anya Kingdom and Mark Seven. While the Daleks themselves again take a backseat, it begins by exploring Mark Seven’s backstory; the … >

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Big Finish: Doctor Who and Torchwood Scribe award winners

The audio producer ties with itself for the Audio Drama prize in the 2021 awards. The Scribe awards celebrate excellence in tie-in novel and audio dramas based on television shows, movies and games. This year, the judges were unable to choose between Matt Fitton’s Doctor Who: Out of Time 1 and Tim Foley’s Torchwood: Tropical … >

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Doctor Who Out of Time 2 - The Gates of Hell cover art

Out of Time 2 – The Gates of Hell: Doctor Who audio review

Out of Time 2 – The Gates of Hell is the second in a series of specials which sees David Tennant’s Tenth Doctor bumping into former incarnations. While the first paired him with Tom Baker’s Fourth Doctor, this time he encounters Peter Davison’s Fifth. Of course, there is an onscreen precedent for this particular pairing. … >

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Jodie Whittaker and Doctor Who eligible for NTA awards

The voting is now open for the National Television Awards. Doctor Who, Jodie Whittaker and other current and past actors on the programme are eligible for several awards. The National Television Awards is Britain’s leading television awards event where all the winners are chosen exclusively by viewers. The results are revealed live on ITV from … >

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