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James Nesbitt stars in ITV’s new four-part thriller, The Secret; the true story of a Sunday school teacher and a respectable dentist who formed a murderous partnership.

The location: a seaside town in Northern Ireland in 1991. The scene: two bodies in a carbon monoxide filled car. A former nurse Lesley Howell, and a police officer Trevor Buchanan, have apparently taken their own lives together.…

Hazel Buchanan and Colin Howell meet at their local Baptist Church in Coleraine, Northern Ireland and embark upon a passionate and destructive affair, which climaxes in an elaborate plot to commit the “perfect murder” to kill both their partners, Lesley and Trevor, and make it look like a suicide pact.

The killers fool the police and get away with murder, but their relationship soon sours and they separate. They rebuild their lives, each remarrying and prospering, but can never escape what they have done. As a series of disasters befalls Howell, he finally confesses his crimes to the horrified elders of his church.

Convicted of murder, Howell implicates Hazel in the killing. Hazel admits involvement but pleads not guilty, claiming she was coerced. In a climactic murder trial, Howell gives evidence against his former lover.

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Episode 1

Friday 29 April 2016, 9pm

When Colin Howell and Hazel Buchanan meet at their local Baptist Church in rural Northern Ireland, they start an affair which will have cataclysmic consequences.


Episode 2

Friday 6 May 2016, 9pm

Colin and Hazel carry out his plan to kill Lesley and Trevor, and stage it to look like a suicide pact.

But will the community and the police believe their story?


Episode 3

Friday 13 May 2016, 9pm

As the inquest approaches, Colin and Hazel have to hold their nerve.

But even if they do get away with it, can their relationship survive?


Episode 4

Friday 20 May 2016, 9pm

The past catches up with Colin as he is finally driven to confess his crime.

But when Hazel pleads not guilty, will Colin take all the blame?


> Buy The Secret on DVD on Amazon.

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