‘Being Human’: Series 3 Episode 2 teasers

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In the next episode of BBC Three’s Being Human, Nina and George take in teenage vampire Adam, who needs to drink his parents’ blood to survive.

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‘Adam’s Family’ airs at 9pm on Sunday 30th January. Here’s ten teasing lines of dialogue from the episode to whet your appetite…

► “I’ve been to the Isle of Wight, so it’s not actually that much of a culture shock.”

“That’s my dad up there, this is no worse than a baby sucking his mother’s tit.”

“I’m number 7. It’s how I want to be known.”

“I’m here on behalf of the Old Ones…”

“A vampire? At last, someone normal!”

“This is near me. This is where I told you not to be.”

“Do you want to know how I’m feeling, George? Hungry.”

“One day, all of this will kill you.”

“Hush now. It’s time for you to claim your heritage; as a vampire, and as a man.”

“You find someone better than you. Because then when you fail, you have to deal with their disappointment. And that’s what keeps you true.”