‘Being Human’: Series 3 Episode 3 teasers

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In the next episode of BBC Three’s Being Human, Annie draws the attentions of a mouthy drunk girl, Sasha. With Sasha’s putrid smell and rotting face, the housemates realise she’s no ordinary human being, nor is she a ghost. She’s a zombie.

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‘Type 4’ airs at 9pm on Sunday 6th February. Here’s ten teasing lines of dialogue from the episode to whet your appetite…

► “You rescued her from Hell. That sort of thing tends to turn a girl’s head.”

“If she was just dead-dead, no problem, but that is just weird.”

“I thought we were supposed to be the scary ones?”

“They don’t usually do anything. Because they don’t usually exist!”

“She may be dead, but that is all I have in common with that… that… chav-alanche!”

“I think they were testing them. Trying to find out what they were, how they worked… if it could spread.”

“Mitchell. Shall we get pissed?”

“Maybe it’s time they know what I really am! I don’t deserve them as friends, I never have.”

“I swear, what I’m going to do will make your little massacre look like a fucking papercut!”

“It has to end. The story has to die.”