‘Eternal Law’: Episode 5 teasers

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Created and written by Ashley Pharoah and Matthew Graham (Life on Mars, Ashes to Ashes), ITV1’s Eternal Law focuses on two lawyers with a twist – they are angels placed on earth to do good.

The mood in the penultimate episode is getting increasingly downbeat, what with the ominous ticking of Mr. Mountjoy’s Doomsday clock and the signs that Mrs. Sheringham and her boys are beginning to unravel under the pressure of trying to save the world from Mr. M’s divine wrath. But however hard life gets both for the angels and the people they are trying to help, there’s always room for a bit of mordant humour.

Episode 5 airs at 9pm on Thursday 2nd February on ITV1. To whet your appetite, here are ten teasing lines of dialogue from the episode…

» ‘Now, this is going to hurt you a lot more than it’s going to hurt me.’

» ‘Next time you want to commune with nature, don’t do it in the middle of a battlefield, ok.’

» ‘He’d stab his own grandmother if she looked at him funny.’

» ‘You were the angel of Mons?’

» ‘Even cowards can have nice tits.’

» ‘If there’s one thing I despise more than a bully it’s an army bully.’

» ‘Remember when you said, “It hurts to buggery when you die in this world”? Were you telling the truth?’

» ‘Never let a bomb see your fear. That’s what my dad always said.’

v’New underpants for Mr. Greening!’

» ‘It’s not considered polite to thrash a poor metaphor to within an inch of its life.’

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