‘Sinbad’: Episode 10 teasers

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Epic fantasy drama Sinbad continues this weekend and Tiger is proving to be a worthy addition to the team. Not only does she have information on how to get to the Land of the Dead, but the bounty hunter has secured Sinbad and co a lucrative deal to transport a professor to her desired destination.

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Episode 10 airs at 7pm on Sunday 9th September on Sky1. To whet your appetite, here are ten teasing lines of dialogue from the episode…

» “Can’t predict nature.” – “I like to think you can.”

» “If it’s smaller than the ship it comes aboard. If it’s any bigger then it better float.”

» “Have you ever lost someone you loved?” – “I never had anyone to lose.”

» “I’ve never known someone with so many demands. Even the Queen of Persia would ask for less.”

» “It needs to be cold.” – “Why don’t you put it next to your heart?”

» “I’ve performed autopsies on more appetising specimens.”

» “I don’t know what a spore sounds like but it doesn’t sound friendly.”

» “We really didn’t get that intimate, being so busy running for our lives.”

» “Now is not your time to die.”

» “Last arrow.” – “No pressure then.”

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