‘Sinbad’: Episode 5 teasers

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New epic fantasy drama Sinbad continues this weekend, with Gunnar and Sinbad ambushed by the Khaima, a band of warriors, who avenge injustice. Their leader, Obsidian (Carsten Norgaard), sentences Gunnar to death for his brutal Viking past.

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Episode 5 airs at 7pm on Sunday 5th August on Sky1. To whet your appetite, here are ten teasing lines of dialogue from the episode…

» “Don’t get any big ideas, lover boy!”

» “Anyone else getting a bad feeling?”

» “And all the fishes in the sea came swimming neatly home to me.”

» “They have no right to be on my ship!”

» “Keep talking, it’s all you’re good at.”

» “Somehow they know you are here.” – “Well then maybe I should help them find what they are looking for.”

» “Does anyone have a plan that isn’t totally stupid?”

» “It won’t stop until Sinbad is dead!”

» “He took my brother from me. The blood debt has been paid.”

» “Sometimes you have to let things go.”

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