‘Spooks’: Series 10 Episode 6 teasers

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In the last ever episode of the BBC One spy drama, Harry is facing deportation to America after the death of CIA agent Jim Coaver.

Meanwhile, events are thrown into turmoil when Elena Gavrik announces detailed knowledge of a planned attack on the UK.

Episode 6 airs at 9pm on Sunday 23rd October. Here are ten teasing lines of dialogue from the episode…

» ‘What are we doing here, Harry?’

» ‘We can’t afford not to trust her.’

» ‘Hang on, Chuck Norris.’

» ‘Who are ‘they’?’

» ‘You’re our inside woman.’

» ‘In my eyes, there have always been more similarities between us than differences.’

» ‘We’ve lost the package.’

» ‘Do you think it’s what kept you from being together?’

» ‘We’re under attack. I repeat, under attack.’

» ‘Jesus wept, Harry, what are you playing at?’

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