‘Spooks’: Series 9 Episode 8 teasers

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Next week on Spooks, in the final episode of Series 9, Section D face their toughest challenge yet when they are tasked with tracking one of their own.

Here’s ten teasing lines of dialogue from the episode…

► “This man was our colleague and our friend, but have no illusions, he is now our enemy.”

► “You don’t know what Albany is, do you?”

► “We don’t really know who we’re dealing with.”

► “If he isn’t being blackmailed anymore, and we must assume he isn’t, then what the hell is he doing?”

► “Lucas or Albany, Harry – you might not be able to save them both.”

► “I’ve killed people and I’ve saved people. I’m still in credit.”

► “I want to speak to Lucas North.”

► “Do you know how I knew it was true? Because for the first time you made sense.”

► “It’s my turn.”

► “I’d start preparing for life after MI5.”

The episode airs at 9pm on Monday 8th November 2010 on BBC One.