Jupiter's Legacy Volume 1

Jupiter’s Legacy Volume One review — ponderous pageant fails to please

Jupiter’s Legacy Volume 1 brings us (another) multi-generational superhero series with (another) deconstruction of the genre. Sadly it fails to excel at either Despite effects, sets, and a cast doing their best, Netflix’s Jupiter’s Legacy fails to concentrate on anything in particular, resulting in eight episodes of slow-moving character introductions and simplistic moralising. We’ll explain. … >

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Jupiter's Legacy official trailer

Jupiter’s Legacy official trailer released by Netflix ahead of May release

The Jupiter’s Legacy official trailer is now available and gives a highly polished glimpse into this new series Coming May 7, Jupiter’s Legacy looks set to gain fans and generate conversation if the official trailer is anything to go by. Series creator Mark Millar teased the trailer yesterday on Twitter: TRAILER. TOMORROW. #JupitersLegacy is coming to @netflix May … >

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