2023 ended too soon

Ended too soon — six shows cancelled in 2023

2023 has been an interesting if varied year for television shows — we remember six we feel ended too soon There’s been plenty to entertain in 2023, but also disappointments. Nothing feels worse than vesting time in a show for it to be cancelled with plenty more story to come or even ending a season … >

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Lockwood & Co cancelled — Shadow and Bone next?

Lockwood & Co cancelled — will Shadow and Bone be next?

There was bad news this week as Netflix cancelled Lockwood & Co — could Shadow and Bone be next We were disappointed but not surprised when we learned (via Variety) of the cancellation of Lockwood & Co. Bottom line it was a decent show, fans liked it but there weren’t enough. In these more constrained and competitive times Netflix is … >

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Lockwood and Co — season 2 update

Lockwood and Co — season 2 update

In our Lockwood and Co — season 2 update we assess the chances of a renewal. It’s not looking good… A month ago, we were pleased with the early numbers for Lockwood and Co — not stellar, but solid. Now we’ve had a few weeks and we can see how the show performed over its first … >

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