‘Ow, I hurt myself changing this tyre…’

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Although Family Guy’s funniest days are behind it, its power of pastiche remains undimmed, even in the widescreen era.

If nothing else, you have to admire the sheer meticulousness of its artists – never better demonstrated than here in this shot-for-shot remake of the opening titles to the Incredible Hulk TV series, with Stewie taking the Bill Bixby role and Peter as Lou Ferrigno…

To marvel (ho ho) at the painstaking diligence on display, you can watch the original and the parody side-by side on YouTube – although annoyingly (and presumably in some bafflingly useless attempt to avoid having the video taken down by Fox’s lawyers), the uploader has flipped them both over so they’re shown in mirror image.

Exasperating, yes, but it won’t get us angry. You wouldn’t like us if we were angry….