Four Loki teasers

Marvel shuffles its television show dates

The schedule of announced Marvel shows on Disney+ now stretches out well into 2024.  As the impact of ongoing writers and actors strikes begin to trickle through, Marvel have announced a few changes to their upcoming Disney+ schedule. As reported in Deadline, here’s what the MCU television pipeline currently looks like… Loki Season 2 of … >

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Marvel drops a trailer for The Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special (updated)

Christmas means bacon… Kevin Bacon, that is, in The Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special.  Updated 21/11/22: With its release imminent, James Gunn has been discussing the forthcoming Disney+ ‘Special Presentation’. Speaking to, the director talks about how the characters have moved on since their last appearance and that the special allows the subsequent … >

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Heartstopper star Joe Locke joins Agatha: Coven of Chaos

The WandaVision spinoff will centre on Kathryn Hahn’s villainous Witch.  With Kathryn Hahn’s Agatha Harkness threatening to steal the show in Marvel’s WandaVision, granting the witch her own series was a no-brainer. Agatha: Coven of Chaos, from WandaVision’s writer and executive producer Jac Shaeffer, got the go-ahead from Disney in November 2021. Now, Variety has broken … >

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What If...? T'Challa Star Lord (Chadwick Boseman)

Chadwick Boseman honoured with a posthumous Emmy

The Black Panther star has won for his voice over role in Marvel’s What If…?  Although he sadly passed away in August 2020, actor Chadwick Boseman has been honoured with an Emmy win: the award for Outstanding Character Voice-Over performance. Boseman was nominated for his voice-over role as T’Challa in the Marvel What If…? series which … >

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I Am Groot arrives on Disney+ and it is lots of fun

Baby Groot arrives with his own series of shorts… and we loved them!  Of all the characters in The Guardians of the Galaxy, the taciturn Groot might seem the most unlikely to land his own solo series. However, as he’s been granted a series of shorts with the accent on fun (and just a little … >

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Marvel’s What If…? Season 2 and 3!

With hints of what’s to come in What If…? Season 2, Marvel have confirmed a Season 3 too.  As the multiverse continues to be all the rage in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, their animated What If…? has scored a third run, on top of the upcoming second series. This news comes from the Marvel Studios … >

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I Am Groot title card

I Am Groot – first image for the upcoming Disney+ series

Everyone’s favourite little twiglet is getting his own series of short films called, obviously, I Am Groot. It was mentioned on 2021’s Disney+ Day in November, but now the series is only months away – I Am Groot arrives on the 10th of August. Ahead of the launch, the series now has its own promo … >

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