Sky1 has axed medical drama ‘Critical’

Critical, Sky1’s real-time medical drama from Line of Duty creator Jed Mercurio, won’t be returning for a second season.

Starring Lennie James (Line of Duty), Catherine Walker (Strike Back), Claire Skinner (Outnumbered) and Kimberley Nixon (Fresh Meat), the 13-part first season launched in February.

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Sky1 confirmed this week: “We are really proud of the acclaim Critical received and its ground-breaking achievements in the production of TV medical drama. We would like to thank Jed Mercurio, the team at Hat Trick Productions and all our cast.”

A source is reported by Radio Times to have said: “It was a critical success but didn’t quite get the ratings.”

Were you hoping for another season of Critical? Let us know below…

  • Ano

    i knew it, it was a good show while it lasted

  • Ogrekhirst

    Great show, not just a clone of everything that went before 🙁

  • Hannah Mitchell

    I loved this show sometimes a second season and or a repeat of the first can up the ratings….. seems perhaps due to the graphic material it might have put some off, I considered it outstanding and a huge error in judgement to not make a second series.

  • Katy Penney

    I totally loved the show so did my husband and some family members. We all hope it’s back again. Pisses me off that all these series r made and left on cliff hangers then not followed on even as a short series to conclude. I hope this is not another in a long list to have this done

  • Donna Evans

    FFS! Critical was a fantastic series, very realistic and gripping episodes. The characters in the programme were intriguing to say the very least. WHY,WHY,WHY cancel such a superb programme?

  • jag

    This is so “WHY??????”!!!!

  • Peter Holdsworth

    They really need to reconsider canning the show as this was so epic give it one more season if does not hit the ratings at that point then can it if BBC went on first time ratings then only fools and horses would never got more than one season

  • Ishani Guha-Shepherd

    Disappointed by this, was reslly looking forward to it coming back, was gripping, factually interesting and had good characters. Real shame, fat chance the BBC will pick it up instead of Sky.

  • Phil

    First Starlings, then The Smoke, now Critical – short-sighted Sky at its worst…

  • Klay Anderson

    Whisky Tango Foxtrot, Sky? What wanker canned this show?

  • Dteo

    Loved this show too, really disappointed that there is no second series

  • Diana

    I can’t believe this show is not carrying on! It was one of my most favourite shows. So very disappointed now.

  • Nir Harbi

    I love the show.. it was great one ..for the 1th time a real medical drama.aired & it was fantastic // great players great photos done well ..we all waiting for the 2’ed season .. Ratings ?? what it is ? it’s nothing show can overcome everything even low ratings