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‘Wonders Of The Universe’: Episode 2 review

The second episode of Professor Brian Cox’s compelling story of the universe takes us onward from philosophy to methodology, explaining how the building blocks of everything on planet Earth – including ourselves – can be found in the hearts of stars thousands of light years away.

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‘Wonders Of The Universe’: Episode 1 review

Following on from 2010’s acclaimed Wonders Of The Solar System, Professor Brian Cox ramps up the expectation level with this new series, looking at the whole universe and its relation to us, our lives and the fundamental questions we have about our existence.

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‘Monroe’: Episode 1 review

The spectre of one of the great modern fictional TV doctors looms over Monroe like Banquo’s ghost haunting Macbeth, but Monroe isn’t House remade for the UK; it’s Cracker remade in a hospital – and that’s a good thing.

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‘South Riding’: Episode 1 review

BBC One’s new Sunday evening period drama is no gentle, quiet or quaint look back at an innocent, idyllic age. South Riding has bite, blackness and resonances that ring true even 75 years on from the era in which it is set.

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