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March 2014 horror movie DVD/Blu-ray round-up

Some Wiccan followers believe in what is known as the Rule of Three, in which whatever action a person puts out into the world is then returned back to them threefold. If we take this to be true, with the release of a third Hatchet film on DVD, it seems more and more likely that … >

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February 2014 horror movie DVD/Blu-ray round-up

Everyone hates this time of year, right? Grey with a distinct apocalyptic air; everything’s rubbish. You think you’ve got it bad? Well, spare a thought for the Austrian cast of director Marvin Kren’s film, Blood Glacier, who not only have to contend with the freezing cold and isolation of the remote German Alps but also giant mutant insect/animal hybrids causing a bloody nuisance.

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January 2014 horror movie DVD/Blu-ray round-up

So, the turkey corpse has been devoured, it suddenly sinks in that The Snowman’s Aled Jones is now 42 and presenting ITV’s Daybreak. Things are getting bleaker by the minute and it soon becomes apparent you need something to help you through these dark days. You need a Big-Ass Spider.

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‘Hannibal’ Season 1 DVD review

When plans were announced for a spin-off TV series based on Thomas Harris’ 1981 novel Red Dragon (the first appearance of cinematic horror icon Dr Hannibal ‘The Cannibal’ Lecter), with the creative team of Star Trek: Voyager and Heroes writer Bryan Fuller onboard alongside 30 Days Of Night director David Slade and the dream casting of charismatic Dane Mads Mikkelsen in the title role, expectations were understandably high.

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December 2013 horror movie DVD/Blu-ray round-up

With all the Christmas tat lining the shelves already, the office Secret Santa set to yield increasingly underwhelming results and that wretched John Lewis ad forever on our screens to pound us all into saccharine submission, it seems the season is well and truly upon us. Fittingly, this means it’s time for the belated DVD release of last year’s festive slasher pic, Silent Night.

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Halloween 2013 horror movie DVD round-up

With Halloween fast approaching and the glut of hastily cobbled-together releases that fact inevitably brings, CultBox has sifted through the dregs to unearth a few golden nuggets of bloody horror to whet your appetite before the witching hour commences.

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October 2013 horror movie DVD round-up

The principle law of the horror movie genre is that if your film is even just slightly successful, there really must be at least one sequel.

Usually, one sequel is not enough, so the endless cycle of diminishing returns continues until somehow you have a Wrong Turn 5 on your hands. God knows, no-one wants that, so let’s hope that with the frankly ridiculously-titled The Last Exorcism Part II, producer Eli Roth has learnt that valuable lesson and stops while the going’s still relatively good.

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