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‘Psychoville’: Series 2 DVD review

When one half of comedy horror series The League Of Gentlemen’s acting and writing quartet, Reece Shearsmith and Steve Pemberton, were commissioned by the BBC to write the first series of this superficially similar oddball production, the assumption was that it may be a lesser variant on the Royston Vasey mould.

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‘The Big C’: Season 1 DVD review

“Cancer is not a gift; cancer is not a passport to a better life.” So says Laura Linney as Cathy, the lead in the US channel Showtime’s new dark sitcom, The Big C. Kinney’s line, in rebuke to some happy-clapping Bible support group members, could also be taken as a rejection of possible preconceptions about this show.

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‘Land Of The Giants’: Season 1 DVD review

If you grew up any-time between the late sixties and the early nineties, the chances are you may remember a curious clutch of kitsch science fiction shows under the stable of the prolific TV and film producer Irwin Allen. No? Well, how about the names Lost In Space, Voyage To The Bottom Of The Sea and this release, Land Of The Giants?

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‘The Promise’ DVD review

What with particularly turbulent times in the Middle East recently, this epic four-part war saga from BAFTA award-winning director Peter Kosminsky (Warriors, The Government Inspector), set in the disputed Palestinian territories, certainly has a timely feel.

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