Cool and affordable merch from your favourite TV shows and films

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While being a sci-fi or fantasy lover means getting to see spectacular heroes and alien worlds, it can also be an expensive hobby to pursue.

Nevertheless, proudly displaying which shows and movies we adore doesn’t necessarily have to put you out of pocket.

In general, there are great deals to find across the retail world. Whether it’s the bargain bin at a video game store, a sale rail at a clothing shop, heck, even something that sounds expensive, like launching your own website, is now affordable to set up.

To begin with, appear to have nearly any kind of clothing or accessory for a staggering amount of sci-fi/fantasy films and shows. Whether it’s The Avengers, Doctor Who, Game of Thrones, Batman, Star Wars, or even Power Rangers (because why not?), this website will likely have the perfect piece of merch at an affordable price. Plus, there’s even some coupon codes to use around the upcoming holiday season.

Star Wars

Similar, yet different, is This merch site works on the basis that there literally is too much choice out there, so they decide for you. However, instead of an item here or there, for a small fee Loot Crate will send you monthly packages that will be a total mystery to you, yet all revolve around fantasy/sci-fi, gaming, or pop culture. Though if you’d rather have some idea of what you’re going to receive through your door, there are ‘wearable’ or ‘accessory’ packages available, as well as limited edition deals like Call of Duty.

Lastly, sell a range of merch from all sorts of genres, yet the real kicker is that the designs come from everyday folk like you or I, who make a small profit from the sale of each item. With often wildly imaginative concepts that could only arise from a true fan, you’ll have the chance to browse designs that likely won’t appear on any other site – usually much more interesting than simply the show or film’s logo pasted onto a shirt.

Captain America Winter Soldier

Nothing says you’re a massive sci-fi/fantasy devotee than designs such as ‘Star Lord & The Raptor Four’ (a reference to actor Chris Pratt’s roles in Guardians of the Galaxy and Jurassic World) and ‘I’m Not Zelda!’ (an in-joke to the character of Link always being mistaken for Zelda in the Legend of Zelda video games).

What are your favourite films/games/TV shows to buy merch for? Let us know below…

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