‘Psychoville’: Who’s who in Series 2?

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The weird and wonderful world of Psychoville returns to BBC Two in May for a second series, introducing several new characters. Co-creators and writers Reece Shearsmith and Steve Pemberton once again take centre stage, playing a range of loveable grotesques in a world that only they could imagine.

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The new six-part series of the award-winning comedy thriller follows on from the dramatic end of Series 1, where the relationship between the seemingly unconnected characters was revealed as they were drawn back to the scene of their crime by a vengeful Mr Jolly.

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Mr Jelly
(Reece Shearsmith)

An embittered hook-handed clown and children’s entertainer. Mr Jelly is tormented by the success of his rival Mr Jolly, who, to add insult to injury, was the cause of Mr Jelly’s hook hand. Jelly was amongst those trapped by Mr Jolly in Ravenhill at the end of the first series. Did he manage to make it out alive?

Mr Lomax
(Steve Pemberton)

A blind, avaricious collector of commodities, who sold his eyes to the Crabtree sisters for the sake of his collection. After winning the quest to get his hands back on Snappy the crocodile, Lomax ended up trapped by Mr Jolly in Ravenhill.  Did he manage to escape with his life?

David Sowerbutts
(Steve Pemberton)

A serial-killer-obsessed man-child. David became embroiled in a series of murders with his mum Maureen during the first series. A former patient of Ravenhill, because of his apparent role in the death of his father, David is very (some would say too) close to his mother.

Maureen Sowerbutts
(Reece Shearsmith)

Maureen is David’s mum and while she is not as interested in serial killers as her son (she prefers jigsaws), she indulges his passion. After embarking on a killing spree with David to cover up his first ‘bad murder’, at the end of the first series Maureen discovered the truth behind their actions and decided it was time to end it all.

(Dawn French)

A desperately misguided midwife with a very odd child. Joy’s dream of bringing little Freddie Fruitcake to life seemed to have become reality at the end of the first series, but did she and little Freddie manage to get out of Ravenhill alive?

Nurse Kenchington
(Eileen Atkins)

A former nurse at Ravenhill Psychiatric Hospital, Kenchington ruled with a cruel streak. Initially thought to have died in a fire at the hospital several years ago, Kenchington rose from the dead at the end of the first series, looking for her missing locket. Did she find it and survive the explosion at Ravenhill?

Mr Jolly
(Adrian Scarborough)

A former surgeon turned children’s entertainer and the nemesis of Mr Jelly.  At the end of series one Jolly was revealed as the mysterious blackmailer who was out to avenge the apparent murder of his mother Nurse Kenchington. Did he survive the fateful explosion at Ravenhill?

(Daniel Kaluuya)

Lomax’s put upon care worker. Tealeaf ended up trapped at Ravenhill when the explosion happened. Did he survive?

(Jason Tompkins)

A love-struck, supposedly telekinetic dwarf. After discovering that fellow dwarf Kerry was actually the one with telekinetic powers, the end of the first series saw Robert trapped in a house in the deepest, darkest woods at the hands of Kerry and her Grandma.

(Daisy Haggard)

Actress Debbie is still beautiful and still not very smart.

(Christopher Biggins)

Biggins returns to play himself as only he can.

Jeremy Goode
(Reece Shearsmith)

An over-zealous librarian, Jeremy prides himself on going to whatever lengths are necessary to ensure that books are returned to the library.

(Steve Pemberton)

Hattie is a make-up artist who once did Bonnie Tyler’s make-up.

Grace Andrews
(Imelda Staunton)

A shadowy figure who has mysterious motives, a sharp-suit and an even sharper haircut.

Silent Singer

An eerie character with a strange hold over Jeremy.

Detective Finney
(Mark Bonnar)

A detective who is investigating the explosion at Ravenhill.

Peter Bishop
(Jason Watkins)

Owner of Hoyti Toyti, an antique shop specialising in toys.