The Regime - Kate Winslet enthroned

The Regime – new trailer for Kate Winslet’s darkly satirical drama

The second trailer for The Regime promises more comic moments than we’d previously expected.  It’s been a long time coming, but we know now that Kate Winslet’s new series lands in April. The Regime takes us inside a modern European country where Winslet’s Chancellor clings to power as her authoritarian regime begins to crumble. Here’s … >

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The Regime - Kate Winslet

The Regime – official trailer for Kate Winslet’s new political drama

Kate Winslet impresses as the hard-edged leader of a modern European regime.  Updated 21/11/23: Sky reveal the official trailer for The Regime, but there’s still no confirmed start date. It’s been almost eight months since we first got a taste of Kate Winslet in her role as Chancellor. The show, from Succession‘s Will Tracy, follows … >

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‘Tina and Bobby’ Episode 3 review: ITV’s lovely Bobby Moore drama concludes

ITV’s Tina and Bobby concludes tonight with an episode that highlights the tumultuous final years of the couple’s relationship, including business failures, Bobby’s retirement from football and the eventual end of the couple’s marriage. “Welcome to Morlands,” exclaims Tina (Michelle Keegan), in the episode’s opening moments, as she invites her friends into the couple’s lavish … >

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‘Tina and Bobby’ episode guide: What happens next?

ITV’s Tina and Bobby is an epic love story about an ordinary girl who falls for an ordinary boy only to be swept up in an extraordinary life. Nineteen-year-old Tina Dean (Michelle Keegan) married Bobby Moore (Lorne MacFadyen) for love, little knowing that their marriage would be defined by history. Tina struggled as a housewife … >

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‘Tina and Bobby’ review: Episode 2 pushes all the right emotional buttons

Last week’s opening episode of ITV’s Tina and Bobby biopic highlighted the romantic early days of football’s golden couple. However, this second episode (of three) deals with more of the emotional fall-out as the couple faced personal and professional challenges. As a result, the drama is suitably heightened. “Who’d have thought it, eh? East End … >

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