7 of this summer’s best books

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With so many good books to read – from paperbacks to eBooks – and not enough summer (especially here in the UK!) you need to make the right choices for your holiday reading.

After all, summer is supposed to let you relax before another year at school.

Here are seven of the best books to read this summer…


The Girl in the Spider’s Web (by David Lagercrantz)

Ranked #8 on Amazon, this 416-page novel written by acclaimed Swedish journalist and author David Lagercrantz is sure to creep the bejesus out of your summer experience in a good way.

The story revolves around a misfit girl ,who happens to be a genius hacker, and a journalist bound to find her. Because of the journalist’s desperate need to find a scoop, he turned to the hacker for help.

They stumbled upon a secret about tangled web of cyber criminals, spies and government around the world—a secret someone is resolved to kill just to protect it.


Luckiest Girl Alive (by Jessica Knoll)

There’s a reason why this 352-page novel is among the Top 100 books in Literature and Fiction category in Amazon.

The novel sports a singular voice and unique twists that will keep you racing from one page to another. The story is centered upon a strong-willed heroine whose sharp edges and ambition protect a scandalous truth from surfacing. A memorable summer deserves to include this.


Our Souls at Night (by Kent Haruf)

This cross between an inspiring and a bittersweet story of a man and a woman in their advanced years does not only make this story one of a kind, but it’s a refreshingly beautiful book to read for summer as well.

It will definitely leave you wanting for more but since this is a concluding book of a series the author has written, it will definitely leave you smiling even after summer.


Among the Ten Thousand Things (by Julia Pierpont)

This book touches the subject of American family and the issues of happiness—how to keep it and what ruins it. The story revolves around Jack Shanley and his family.

All was well, Deb, his wife, left her career in order to raise their two children, when one day a package containing the secrets to Jack’s life was erroneously delivered to their children. It’s a grappling story that is sure to make you think about your family, as well, while enjoying your summer.


Circling the Sun (by Paula McLain)

Showcasing the power of women in the character of Beryl Markham, a record-setting aviator during the colonial Kenya (1920s).

Beryl is caught up in a love triangle with Denys Finch Hatton and Karen Blixen. A new flavor of a love story is sure to set your summer experience ablaze.


The Marriage of Opposites (by Alice Hoffman)

This story is considered by many, avid readers and critics alike, to be the best of Alice Hoffman at the height of her career.

This book contains the story of Rachel and Frédérick—a story considered by many to be highly remarkable and undeniably unforgettable.


The Rocks (by Peter Nichols)

Your summer experience must not only be made up of beaches, island hopping and swimming—a story about two honeymooners who were made to spend another 60 years trapped on an island, must be part of it, too.

This novel contains answers to questions as, “What happened to the honeymooners that they never spoke again to each other for the next 60 years despite being on the same island?” and “What role does their story has on the romance of their unrelated children?”


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