Lestrade’s 5 best moments in ‘Sherlock’

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Greg Lestrade. How do I even begin to explain Greg Lestrade?

Until halfway through Sherlock’s second season, we didn’t even know his full name: he was just Lestrade, Sherlock’s link to Scotland Yard; the detective inspector who recognises Sherlock’s worth in the crime-fighting world and lets him in on cases that are proving difficult.

As a character, he only takes centre stage now and then – but he is an invaluable part of the show; a source of diligence, loyalty – and glorious sarcasm.

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So without further ado, read on to find out the top five moments of Greg Lestrade in Sherlock


5. “Oh my god, really?”

When the 221B Christmas party is interrupted by Sherlock’s infamous text alert assigned to him by Irene Adler, Lestrade’s reaction to the suggestive moan is golden.

Whilst Molly fumbles to assure everyone that the noise certainly did not come from her, Sherlock merely acknowledges that it actually came from him – but doesn’t clarify that it was in fact his phone which made the noise.

Apparently believing that it was Sherlock himself who moaned, Lestrade openly gapes at him and incredulously asks, “Oh my god, really?”

Sherlock’s exasperated, “My phone,” says it all – no, Greg, no, Sherlock did not just openly moan in Molly’s face. Possibly to Molly’s disappointment.


4. “Don’t let it get to you, I always feel like screaming when you walk into a room.”

Lestrade has a wonderful habit of saying it as it is – especially where Sherlock is concerned.

After all, Sherlock is no doubt an exciting and fascinating person to be around… but is it any surprise, given Sherlock’s own special brand of (often somewhat harsh) bluntness, that he can also grate on people’s nerves a lot?

Bearing in mind that Greg is often the butt of Sherlock’s jokes, and has known Sherlock even longer than John has, the fact that he still champions him says a lot about his loyalty. However, he can’t resist a good dig here and there, as evidenced by his casual jibe regarding the little girl’s loud and terrified reaction to the sight of Sherlock in ‘The Reichenbach Fall’.



And another thing Greg can’t resist is the chance to taunt Sherlock and John after their disastrous attempt at a stag do in ‘The Sign of Three’.

He lets them out of the police cell they have unceremoniously ended up in, but he is clearly enjoying their hung-over misery. “Wakey wakey!” he says cheerfully – and loudly – as he unlocks their cell, before proceeding to laugh at the pair for the state they are in… and raises his voice with no small amount of glee when John implores him to lower it.


2. “Oh, you bastard.”

When ‘The Empty Hearse’ aired, excitement levels were at bursting point; this was the episode in which Sherlock would reveal that he was actually alive to all those who had been mourning him – and that included Lestrade.

Perhaps considering John’s somewhat violent reaction to discovering his best friend had only been pretending to be dead for two years, a similarly angry response might have been expected from Lestrade; but whilst he cursed Sherlock’s deception, he didn’t lash out – instead he grabbed Sherlock and dragged him into an enormous bear hug in the most affectionate moment that the two have shared to date.


1. “Not our division.”

And finally, we come to Greg Lestrade’s top moment – his iconic dismissal of Moriarty’s break in to the Tower of London in ‘The Reichenbach Fall’.

Every hardworking detective inspector needs a break now and then, right? And a break was exactly what Greg was having in his office when Sally Donovan broke the news of the ‘crime of the century’.

Feet up on his desk, doughnut and coffee cup in hand, Greg was enjoying a moment or two to himself. He tried his best to prolong his break as he quickly excused himself through a mouthful of doughnut with a line which has since spawned everything from fan memes to ‘not our division’ t-shirts – and for that reason, this moment wins the top spot.


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