‘Skins’: Top 4 teaser trailers

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With E4’s stunning new teaser trailer for Series 5 of Skins now online, we thought we’d take a look back at the show’s previous promo campaigns.

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#4: In fourth place, suitably enough, is Series 4’s effort. Set to a remix of ‘The Reeling’ by Passion Pit, the trail resembles a graphic designer’s scrapbook brought to life and has some interesting imagery, but lacks enough of its own identity to be truly memorable.

#3: Set with the difficult task of introducing an entirely new cast for the first time, Series 3’s trail does an admirable job, letting the 2.0 gang loose to trash a quiet pub to the sound of TV On The Radio’s ‘Halfway Home’. The uncut clip even comes with a warning about adult content, but this could just be preparing you for the slow-motion dog’s genitals.

#2: Second from the top, it’s the ad that started it all back in January 2007, simultaneously launching and ruining the career of The Gossip by bombarding us with ‘Standing In The Way Of Control’. The handheld clip sums up everything that Skins was to be about in one messy minute.

#1: And in first place, it’s the beautifully-shot ad for Series 2. In a neat contrast with the hedonistic house party of the previous year’s campaign, and foreshadowing the dark events that were coming up for the characters, the gang watch on as everything literally falls apart around them, set to Radiohead’s haunting ‘Nude’.