6 surviving ‘Spooks’ characters who could appear in the new movie

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Spooks movie The Greater Good arrrives in cinemas next year, starring Game of Thrones actor Kit Harington.

With Peter Firth reprising his role as Harry Pearce, CultBox decided to take a look back at the spy drama’s previous spooks to see which other characters made it out alive and could possibly return…


Zoe Reynolds (Keeley Hawes)

Spooks Zoe Keeley Hawes

Original character Zoe was last seen absconding to Chile in Series 3 Episode 6, after she was found guilty of conspiracy to murder and sentenced to 10 years in prison. She was later joined by her fiancé, a photographer named Will.


Dimitri Levendis (Max Brown)

Spooks Dimitri Max Brown

Recruited to Section D from SBS, Junior Case Officer Dimitri joined in Series 9 and was last seen holding hands with Erin Watts after Ruth’s death in the show’s final episode.


Erin Watts (Lara Pulver)  

Spooks Erin Lara Pulver

Formerly Acting Head of Section D while Harry was on forced leave after the events of Series 9’s finale, Erin was Section Chief when the show ended.


Malcolm Wynn-Jones (Hugh Simon)

Spooks Malcolm Hugh Simon

The show’s original Technician and Data Analyst retired at the start of Series 8 after persuading a kidnapper not to shoot him. Malcolm was last seen in Series 9 when Lucas North turned up at his house looking for the Albany file. Upon realising Malcolm had given him a fake, Lucas stormed Malcolm’s home, but he had already disappeared.


Beth Bailey (Sophia Myles)

Spooks Beth Sophia Myles

A private contractor who joined Section D in the first episode of Series 9, Beth was decommissioned by Erin Watts prior to Series 10 due to her sinister past.


Tom Quinn (Matthew Macfadyen)

Spooks Tom Matthew Macfayden

The original Chief of Section D, Tom was framed for assassinating the Chief of the Defence Staff at the end of Series 2 and escaped into the North Sea. Having proved his innocence, Tom was later decommissioned after sabotaging an operation early in Series 3. He was last seen briefly in the final episode, hired by Harry as an outside contractor.


Which other ones have we missed? Let us know below…