10 things we want to believe we’ll see when ‘The X-Files’ returns

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After 13 years, Fox has rehired television’s original paranormal investigators FBI Agents Fox Mulder and Dana Scully for a six-episode reinvestigation of The X-Files.

Loyal fans have spooky expectations from the show’s creator Chris Carter, who set the standard for the cult series and its concurrent and subsequent feature films.

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With over six months still to wait until The X-Files returns with a double-bill opener on 24 January 2016, fans of the show want to believe certain that aspects from the show will be brought back for the reincarnation, and here is a comprehensive list of what we hope to see from the team.


Actual X-Files

The second X-Files film I Want to Believe left some fans yearning for the show’s classic alien and paranormal plotlines. If the new episodes focus on exploring the mysteries of the unexplained, fans will tune in and new fans may be inclined to start watching.


Walter Skinner and the Cigarette Smoking Man

We know that Mitch Pileggi will be back as FBI Assistant Director and longtime ally Walter Skinner will be back and there have been rumours of a return from the Cigarette Smoking Man. It’s a smart move to include both these integral characters, even posthumously for CSM, as it may lure back fans of the show’s iconic mythology who were turned off by the show’s later seasons.



We have heard little about William’s upbringing or current status since Mulder and Scully’s child was adopted and sent away for safe keeping from FBI operatives for potentially having alien DNA. The only mention of William in 2008’s I Want to Believe was that he’d left an emptiness in his parents since his absence. Hopefully the new episodes will fill in the gaps in our lack of knowledge regarding the mystery of his whereabouts and his relationship with his biological parents.


Samantha Mulder

I know, we saw her plot hole covered with a simple kidnapping explanation after years of potential alien abduction and government conspiracy. Her truth may still be out there. Hopefully the new run of episodes will make amends for hasty writing in the original series’ final seasons.


The Lone Gunman

In a show where anything can happen based on the laws of science particular to the world of the X-Files, it seems obvious that the show’s fearsome threesome should be brought back from the dead. If they were even dead in the first place.



Monsters with human qualities and humans with monstrous qualities were the driving force of the cases agents Mulder and Scully were trying to solve. Some that come to mind are Dylan Lokensgard from ‘Lord of the Flies’, The Great Mutato in “The Post Modern Prometheus” and of course the Flukeman from ‘The Host’. Here’s hoping there are some compelling characters to investigate on the upcoming episodes.


Comedic writing

Quirky comedic episodes like ‘Small Potatoes’, ‘Clyde Bruckman’s Final Repose’, and ‘Bad Blood’ broke up the seriousness of the show’s nature. An episode by Darin Morgan or guest starring Darin Morgan would be worth the 13 year wait.


Vince Gilligan

‘Pusher’ is a great example of the caliber of Gilligan’s episodic writing. After his success with Breaking Bad, it would be great to see an episode written or directed by him. ‘Je Souhaite’, both written and directed by Gilligan, shows his finesse with writing and directing comedy as well.


Love story

Who knew that chasing mutants through sewers could lead to a relationship? I’m not a super fan of lead characters falling for each other, but since the die was cast in Season 8 and a majority of fans are up for a good love story, the reboot’s writers might as well give us some clarification on that aspect. Or some definitive dialogue regarding the matter at least.


Special effects

The X-Files was the first TV show that brought cinematic-sized special effects and outstandingly gory makeup into our homes weekly. The technical team behind lights and sound made us feel like we were right there with Duane Barry being taken into the light of an alien ship. This show set the bar for sci-fi television and cinema. With the advances in technology since the last time the show aired, I’m hoping they will come up with ways to shock and scare fans visually and aurally in entirely new ways.


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What do you want to see in the new season? Let us know below…

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