5 reasons why ‘Firefly’ still needs a second season

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Listen up, Browncoats. It’s been ten years since Joss Whedon’s beloved cult series Firefly – the shiniest sci-fi show ever to grace the ’verse – hit our screens.

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The short-lived series (cancelled with only fourteen episodes ever made) brought us the exploits of war vet Mal Reynolds and the ragtag crew of his Firefly-class ship Serenity. Of course, in the intervening years, Whedon has kept the story going via comics and big screen outing Serenity. He’s also had his fair share of success in other ventures, most notably this year’s Cabin in the Woods and a little film you may have heard of called The Avengers.

So here at CultBox, we can’t think of a better time for Hollywood’s favourite man of the year to get a second season of Firefly rolling. Because although Serenity and the comics have gone some way to filling in the gaps in our knowledge, there’s still SO much more we need to see…

Mal and Inara

The very definition of a slow burn romance, Mal’s complicated relationship with beautiful Companion (read: future version of a very high class escort) Inara Serra, was a running thread throughout Firefly.

Punctuated on an almost episodic basis by bickering and near-kissing, Mal and Inara’s should-be romance was believably centred on the fact that both characters had serious commitment issues. Indeed, part of the exquisite tragedy of Firefly was seeing them deny their own happiness time and time again.

But come on, Joss. They could have at least kissed. All we wanted was one gorram kiss!

Inara’s secret past

Often unfairly written off as the show’s eye candy, the dignified, enigmatic Inara was as fully fleshed out as the rest of the crew. In many ways the matriarch of the ship, and yet always frustratingly aloof, the full extent of Inara’s mysterious past didn’t quite come to light until the penultimate episode Heart of Gold in which old friend Nandi revealed that Inara left her Companionship training very abruptly.

In many ways, this big question mark was answered in 2008 when Morena Baccarin (the actress who played Inara) revealed at a convention that Inara was slowly dying from a terminal illness, thus explaining her desire to give up her training to “See the ’verse”. Sad as it would be, seeing this take place on screen would be amazing television. Just imagine it – Mal and Inara finally acknowledge their love and get married. Then on their wedding night, she dies in his arms. Hearts would break everywhere!

Baby on board

Picture the scene: Zoe, eight months pregnant, holding up a couple of dodgy dealers with her trademark brace of pistols. Now who wouldn’t wanna see that?

In Heart of Gold loveable couple Zoe and Wash discussed having a child. Sadly before they could get around to any baby making, Wash was killed (see: Serenity).

Worry not, though. In the comic Float Out it was later confirmed that at the time of her hubby’s death, Zoe was already pregnant with his daughter. So come on! Let’s see this on screen! Think about it: Mal on nappy duty, Inara singing nursery rhymes, Kaylee and River babysitting, Jayne introducing the new addition to his beloved Vera.

The reason Zoe was such a great character is that, despite her badassery when it came to shooting villains, she was at heart a big softie. We all know she’d make a great momma, not to mention all the funny stuff that would go alongside her pregnancy: weird cravings, mood swings, Zoe going into labour in the middle of a shootout. Seriously… this stuff writes itself.

Two by two, hands of blue

Perhaps the element most criminally absent from Serenity was the pair of ultra sinister assassins who had pursued River throughout Firefly. Clad in blue gloves, and purveyors of an electronic device that made everybody’s brains melt (sort of like a neuraliser but MUCH MUCH worse), these guys were perhaps the most terrifying villains Firefly had to offer (and this from the show that brought us flesh-eating, rapetastic Reavers).

Yes, in the intervening Serenity comics the blue-gloves were given a story (and a conclusion) but we want them back onscreen. Let’s make an exception here, ignore what went on in the comics and bring ’em back! Or maybe Blue Gloves: Take Two? A whole new generation of creepy guys to escape from? Sounds like fun to us.

The Academy

The secret of the deserted planet Miranda was revealed in Serenity but what about the sinister government agency led by Dr Mathias that carried out the experiments on River? What exactly happened to them? Are they carrying out more experiments on other child prodigies? Perhaps training up a new assassin, Bourne-style to send after River and the crew of the Serenity?

We can definitely see River facing off against a new nemesis, like Arnie doing battle with the T-1000. And how about this new River decides to team up with the goodies after all? But then is revealed to be a double agent?!? But then she falls in love with Jayne?!?!?!

OH THE POSSIBILITIES! Now, will someone please commission another gorram season before our brains melt?

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What would you want to see in a second season of Firefly? Let us know below…