5 reasons you should still be watching ‘Being Human’

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If you’re one of the people who aren’t watching Series 4 of Being Human simply because Mitchell, George and Nina are no longer around (and we know there are still some of you lurking out there, vamp-like, in the shadows), then you really are missing some amazing television.

It’s not an overstatement to say that the show is currently the best it’s been since Series 1, and here are five reasons why…

The New Blood

Damien Molony and Michael Socha had big shoes to fill, but both have proven themselves to be invaluable additions to the show; not just separately, but because of the purposely awkward repartee they share, and how their relationship has evolved over the series.

Molony has shown tremendous range as Hal, being able to encapsulate both the awkward recovering blood-addict and the ice-cold confident killer, and it’s been mesmerising to watch him play out the contradictions.

Meanwhile, Socha has brought new warmth and humour to the show as Tom, whose mix of naivety and nobility makes him as instantly likeable as a puppy, and the character that we as an audience would most like to identify with.

Annie’s Evolution

When Toby Whithouse said that Annie was going to be the mother of the group in Series 4 he wasn’t kidding. Not only was she left holding the baby, but she’s also had to keep the new lodgers of Honolulu Heights in check.

Lenora Critchlow has been consistently impressive, especially when communicating the stress of her new motherly role. And as if being a mum wasn’t enough responsibility for Annie, this series more than any other has charted an exploration of the (dangerous) powers ghosts such as her are capable of wielding.

The Guest Stars

James Lance’s creepy ghost Kirby, the return of Submarine’s Craig Roberts as randy vamp Adam, Selina Griffiths as a succubus, Mark Williams in a recurring role as the Vampire Recorder Regus; there’s been some accomplished casting and performances in Series 4’s guest spots.

And the promise of stars isn’t finished yet; we’ve still got cute-as-a-button Kate Bracken as Hal’s love interest Alex, and an appearance from Mark Gatiss as Mr. Snow to look forward to.

The Writing

A new cast seems to have brought new energy to an already excellent writing team, with writers such as Tom Grieves, Lisa McGee and John Jackson all producing engrossing scripts that have struck just the right balance between horror and humour.

Has Being Human ever been this consistently funny while also so dramatic? That’s all a matter of opinion, but it feels like this series has been more generous with the laughs.

The dialogue zings back and forth, ricocheting from the witty to the touching, and occasionally plunging into the dark viscera that lies just beneath the skin of life in the show. That increased feeling of energy and direction may also be because the show has gone…

Back to Basics

Series 2 and 3 grew darker and darker and in doing so edged away from both the show’s original premise and the much of the fun that was had in Series 1.

With a new set of characters, Whithouse has been allowed to focus on the core idea that made the show a success in the first place – a vampire, a werewolf and a ghost living together, and struggling with each other and those in the world beyond their door. Except with new characters it’s allowed to be explored in a new way.

The overarching ‘War Child’ plot has been much more tightly bound to the characters but at the same time hasn’t felt like it was detracting from stories on a week to week basis. It’s likely also the best arc that the show has managed.

But we’re not going to explain why here. If you want to know you’ll just have to fire up the ol’ iPlayer and catch up. Believe us when we say it’s not too late to fall in love with Being Human all over again.

What do you think of Series 4 so far? Let us know below…

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