5 ways that ‘Broadchurch’ can be must-see TV again

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David Tennant and Olivia Colman are back soon as DI Alec Hardy and DS Ellie Miller for a final season of Broadchurch.

Season 3 is set to begin on ITV next month, before creator Chris Chibnall vworps out of the ITV offices and lands in Cardiff to start making next year’s season of Doctor Who.

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After the second season of Broadchurch was something of a disappointment back in 2015, here we take a look at five ways Chibnall and co. can ensure the crime drama’s final run goes out with a bang…


1. A new case

One of the most common complaints about Season 2 was that, in needing to deal with the fallout of Joe Miller’s murder of Danny Latimer (and the subsequent trial) as well as delving into the lingering Sandbrook case of Alec Hardy’s past, there was very little time for any of those urgent, as-it-happens set pieces we got in Season 1, where the whole thing was driven forward by the immediacy of the events.

Chibnall has promised a brand-new case for Season 3 to keep things fresh, so our fingers are crossed that he gives the audience what we want: more along the lines of showing, in dramatic and mournful fashion, just how a single incident can tear a community apart. Star Arthur Darvill has already said “this series has more of the feel of the first stories.” Good stuff.


2. Authenticity

It sounds like Chibnall should deliver on this front, as well. He apparently spent the year before writing the new season’s scripts in careful consultation with both Dorset-based organisations who help sexual assault victims and police officers who are specially trained to deal with sexual assault cases.

It looks like the team behind the show have learned from some of the more awkward and unconvincing legal system scenes in Season 2 and have really made sure that the new storyline – a potentially very tricky and sensitive area – rings true to people’s real-life experiences.


3. Interesting new characters

Hand in hand with a new case should be interesting new characters. We all love seeing those old favourites, of course, but one of the more exciting things about Season 3 is the fabulous guest cast.

With Lenny Henry and Julie Hesmondhalgh taking on major roles, alongside Charlie Higson, Sarah Parish and Georgina Campbell, while Sunetra Sarker is taking on the role of one of Beth Latimer’s closest friends, it’s a veritable treasure trove of talent that have signed up for Broadchurch this time round.


4. More Dorset scenery

Because we just can’t get enough of those moody Scandi-noir shots of the Dorset cliffs. An episode comprised entirely of those would be fine with us.


5: As much Olivia Colman as possible

Ditch that Tennant bloke, give Olivia Colman the keys to the TARDIS and just revamp Broadchurch as a series that follows her through time and space…. What d’you mean, ‘that’s a different show’?!

I’m only half kidding. It certainly is true, though, that Colman is the heart and soul of this series, and that giving her interesting, challenging things to do as Ellie Miller is a sure-fire way to keep Broadchurch at the top of its game. Let’s hope she’s back to being front and centre in Season 3.


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