Why you should be watching ‘Kings of Con’

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Seeing as the cast of Firefly are doing a show set in a similar realm on the same network, on paper at least, this show should not exist.

Thankfully though, Kings of Con is very much alive and being obscenely well received by almost all of its audience. With names like Tim Omundson, Michael Cudlitz, Josh Meyers and Bernie Kopell supporting the show, it’s no wonder that Rob Benedict and Richard Speight Jr were able to create the comedic masterpiece that is Kings of Con.

After working the fan convention circuit for 8 years, the two finally decided to make a show together and it is about just that: life on the convention circuit.

Playing very heightened versions of themselves, Kings of Con is a single camera comedy about the shenanigans that happen to Rob and Rich (I know, great character names) backstage at these events and highlights the fact that the craziest people there are the actors. It is a story about two best friends trying to cope in a world seemingly out to cause trouble for them.

From failed marriages and jail to sauna rooms and Rome, Benedict and Speight have managed to grab and keep fans hooked on this 10 episode season.

There is no real storyline going on, aside from the small divorce mentions as the season progresses, and each episode is almost stand alone. It would have been very easy for them to use this show for cheap jokes aimed at convention goers and fans but the show keeps it classy in that respect and, instead, only ever praises the fans while making complete fun of themselves.

Don’t panic if you are not into Supernatural either because this is not a show just for them. Although silently based around their conventions, Kings of Con never actually mentions the show but does have a few inside jokes and surprise guests for some of the fans.

But there’s more, if you really enjoyed the show, there are 9 live after-shows also available to stream from Facebook, YouTube or Comic Con HQ as well. Kings of Conversation is where the stars and fans interact and discuss what they just watched with indie rock band Louden Swain playing throughout.

Now that this season is over, people can head over to Comic Con HQ or download their apps for Amazon, iTunes, Roku and binge watch the whole thing.

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Written by Kian J H.