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Like the movies of Kate Hudson, or playing with yourself, ITV2’s supernatural drama Switch is something you’d never admit to enjoying. It’s one of those secrets between you and your TV. But unlike a Hudson film, Switch won’t make you go blind. In fact, we have a soft spot for the supernatural drama, and you should too.

For starters it has the best female cast on TV at the minute. Phoebe Fox, Lacey Turner, Nina Toussaint-White and Hannah Tointon are a quartet of supremely talented actors who work well together and excel at bringing their characters to life.

Fox consistently steals the hour as nervous Grace, Turner shrugs off the EastEnders soot as forthright Stella, Tointon’s Hannah is like the offspring of a Victorian matchstick girl and a rainbow, and Toussaint-White’s tomboyish Jude is a great force of nature once you get over the expectation that she’s suddenly going to regenerate into Alex Kingston.

But if you’ve not seen Switch we can’t blame you. There’s been little in the way of promotion, and ITV2 have given it a dreadful timeslot. Yes, we live in the age of electronic time travel, but 10pm on a Monday night isn’t a good slot for Switch.

This is a fun show about witches living in the city and trying to have it all. A Thursday evening kind of show, a show that befits the optimism of a night where you have two too many Bacardi Breezers because fuck it, there’s only one day of work left before the weekend. Switch‘s stories are all to do with enchanted clothing and bitchy girls, which are hard to fully enjoy on a Monday night when all people want to do is hide under the covers and tremble at the thought of another week of meaningless toil.

We can’t deny that Switch is flawed. Despite the fabulous cast, it’s thus far suffered from underwhelming stories. It has a producer from Being Human and a writer from Misfits, but the plots are pure CBBC. The whole show is the equivalent of getting a group of Michelin chefs to come up with the best recipe for Angel Delight: a lot of talented work for something sweet, tasty, but insubstantial.

Yet like the aforementioned dessert it’s still weirdly enjoyable. A guilty pleasure. Switch is a drama that knows what it is. It’s fun and frothy and doesn’t take itself seriously at all. Our heroines live in a comically spacious London flat so large it has a sofa in the bathroom, and yet there’s no room for reality to intrude. Drama arises from the trivial. A problem pops up, the girls unite ‘Captain Planet style’ to cast a spell to fix it, the spell is more trouble than it’s worth, and life lessons are learned just in time for hugs and Cosmos.

In short, it’s well-acted campy fun that you can just sit in front of and switch your brain off for an hour. Done right, there’s always room for that on TV.

Could Switch be better? Switch could be great. But it is what it is. Don’t fight it. Give in. Fall under its spell and enjoy it as a bowlful of sugar and cornstarch for the mind: Braingel Delight.

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