‘Doctor Who’: Which story was your favourite from the past year?

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Now that Series 6 of Doctor Who has finished, CultBox asked you to tell us which story you enjoyed the most over the past year. Here’s how you voted…

#1: ‘The Doctor’s Wife’ (33.5%)
“Gaiman has crafted an ingenious plot that will satisfy the internerd and long term fan (and give some serious food for thought), whilst absolutely enthralling and enchanting everyone else.”

#2: ‘The Wedding of River Song’ (12.3%)
“If there are a few loose ends at the end, well… so what? Everyone’s favourite pair of jeans has a few straggly threads somewhere or other.”

#3: ‘The Girl Who Waited’ (11.5%)
‘The Girl Who Waited’ begins as a fairly unassuming sci-fi adventure, but then zooms off in a completely different direction, becoming something beautifully moving and utterly unexpected.”

#4: ‘The Impossible Astronaut’ / ‘Day Of The Moon’ (8.8%)
‘The Impossible Astronaut’ is a terrific start to Series 6, and one that leads to a lot of questions that will have fans theorising long into the night.”

#5: ‘Closing Time’ (6.6%)
“Funny man James Corden returns to Doctor Who as Craig Owens and finds another alien threat close to home. But will we be calling last orders before chucking-out time?”

#6: ‘A Good Man Goes To War’ (6.3%)
“If the conclusion to the series pans out like the first forty-five minutes of ‘A Good Man Goes To War’, it’ll be a triumph.”

#7: ‘Let’s Kill Hitler’ (6.1%)
“It’s not perfect, but ‘Let’s Kill Hitler’ is as wondrous as anything you’ll see on television this year.”

#8: ‘The God Complex’ (5.8%)
“Combining elements from old and new Doctor Who stories with some of the finest writing the show has ever seen, Toby Whithouse has created a compact, concise tale in a carnivalesque hotel from the depth of a nightmare.”

#9: ‘A Christmas Carol’ (5.3%)
“In short, ‘A Christmas Carol’ is daffy, daft and entirely ridiculous entertainment – and it’s all rather wonderful.”

#10: ‘Night Terrors’ (1.8%)
“It’s a moving conclusion to an episode full of wonderful touches and, of course, a bucketful of frights.”

#11: ‘The Rebel Flesh’ / ‘The Almost People’ (1.1%)
“Doppelgangers are at the heart of this story, which Steven Moffat described as a cross between The Thing and Made In Dagenham.”

#12: ‘The Curse Of The Black Spot’ (1%)
“After such an engrossing launch to the series, Episode 3 figuratively applies the breaks and, whilst not poor, feels like a wasted opportunity.”

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